Dance Costumes


Hope everyone’s week has got off to a great start. I was busy towards the end of last week with Dance Costumes. My 2 youngest children were in a Dance Convention on Sunday so I was making their costumes. I started off OK until I found I had mad a mistake with one costume by not cutting the skirt on the cross – so as to get stretch! It was a fair amount of time wasted working out what I was going to do to fix the problem. I had to start again – fortunately I had a bit spare and re-cut the original skirt.

My second hiccup came when I had traced the wrong sleeve pattern for the youngest ones costume – umm. Did end up with the right sleeves in her costume.

My other sewing project for the week was small sequins with seed beads in the centre. Do you know the ones? My eldest daughter’s school is in  the Rock Eistedford later this week and I needed to sequin the front of her leotard and neck band plus skirt band and arm covers (a bit like gloves without the fingers). Sorry can’t show pics of this – don’t want to let the cat out of the bag.  Anyway all got done and I found some time to get some ink on my fingers again over the weekend- I’ll share later.

Anyway enough of my waffle – I am sure you have other things to do.




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