Two more Birthdays

Miss 7 has two birthday parties this week. I have made the following card and gifts for them. I will also be adding some basic cooking supplies to their pressies so they have their own and don’t have to use Mum’s.

For M 1 

and for M 2

 I posted this earlier here

Both girls have soft bears that they can dress up. I made up the patterns myself  from outfits Miss 7 & Miss 12 already had. The trick is to leave a whole in the pants when sewing them up for the bears tail.

Had a great morning at Melbourne Zoo earlier. Then came home to cut out some of the girl’s dance costumes. Hope to make a start at sewing them sometime tomorrow.

Hope your week has got off to a great start. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.




3 thoughts on “Two more Birthdays

    1. Hi. Therese. Thanks. No work on costumes today – busy working on family tree with my hubby. We haven’t gone back very far, but just trying to piece bits and pieces we had collected from other family members. My Gran is pretty much the last one – she is 94 (both my parents have deceased). Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some sewing done – although I think the park is calling.

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