A few things to share…

Sorry for lack of posts this week. Been a bit busy. Can you believe this is the only thing I have made all week and it really took just a few minutes. IMG_2931

I made this card for a great friend who came to support me (and the other creative people) at my recent venture into craft markets. I used AnnaBelle stamps Sentimental Bluebells, SU ink and Fiskars punch along with AnnaBelle stamps Chilli digi paper.

Here are a few of the cards I made for the day.





The packs of cards weren’t popular (only sold one pack of 5) but the upside is I don’t have to make any to send to family and I have some left for teacher presents.  I also made some little gift tags which seemed to be more popular. My textiles also did well – so all in all a good experience.

If you have reached this far in this long make up post I’ll share a few things we have been doing this week. Now that 3 birthdays are over we have started Christmas shopping before Miss 8 finishes school next week. We have had 2 nights of school Christmas dance concerts (only had to add tinsel to a skirt for this one), week 2 of a new job, tonight we have an award ceremony for Mr 14  (not sure what for yet!) and also today Miss 17 had 4 wisdom teeth out.  I’m sure I’m not the only one at this time of the year very time poor.

What is everyone planning for Christmas? I have 25 people Christmas day and haven’t organised a thing yet.

If you have got this far – Thank you for hanging in there!

I’ll hopefully be back soon with somethings to share. I have received some nice new sets in the last few weeks and haven’t opened them yet.




6 thoughts on “A few things to share…

  1. Sounds like you’re just sitting about doing your nails lol! I’m working Christmas day, but will be able to relax after 3.30pm, by then hopefully all the hard work will be done and I can just relax…. I’ll pitch in with the clean up though. Love your cards BTW!

    1. Yeah – just as well you can’t see my nails! Could do with a bit of work. Thanks for stopping by – out again now Miss 13 has an appointment for her braces!

  2. It will slow down soon – but my you are a busy lady. Hope you are enjoying the work. I make lists to assist me with organising – and to my surprise they do help – my SIL taught me that a few years ago, and rather than fly by the seat I find that they keep me pretty much sorted. I don’t envy you with 25 for Christmas – its the grocery shopping I detest. I have 10 coming on Sunday night for an early Christmas and we will be having it buffet style and cold – even if the weather will be a bit chilly! Lots of preparation tomorrow and Sunday morning but I am aiming to get my feet up on Sunday afternoon before it kicks off for at least a hour to rest up a bit! Thank God for the dish washer at times like this – slightly singed the shortbread today – still not used to the oven; tried to make Gluten Free shortbread a few days ago – mealy in the mouth!!!! Went back to tried and true and the Sileac will just have to miss out on them! BTW – like your cards!

    1. Thanks for the tips. I am a huge list writer! Glad you like the cards. I am sure it will slow down a bit soon – life is just busy with 4 children.
      Good luck sourcing some gluten free food. Have you checked out the foodie websites? Maybe taste.com.au might have something useful. I made some packet (shock) gluten free food for the girl’s parties and it was fine – that could be an option if you can bare the shops again! Thanks for stopping by.

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