Merry Christmas…

Just sharing what I have been upto this week!


With last minute shopping, work, end of school for Miss 8, book club and cleaning I made a few of these. One for us on Christmas Day and a couple for hubby to give as gifts to his work colleges. Each one is filled with chocolate. I must say I always have offers to help from the children – especially when the chocolates and lollies are about! There is a bit of quality control/sampling as we go.


Miss 13 and Miss 8 helped to make these for the table on Christmas day. I was going to try one of the lovely designs I’ve seen lately – but a bit time poor – so the mass produced pillow box was the answer with some quick punching and stamping. A bit of double sided tape, foam dots and we were done. Again we were careful not to miss the all important step of taste testing!

Thanks for visiting at this busy time of the year.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas – however you spend it.




4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…

  1. Wow you’ve been very busy. Love your gingerbread house! Our own one was a complete disaster and we just ended up eating the pieces 🙂
    Those pillow boxes look fantastic, great gift packaging.

    1. Thanks. Sorry to hear your gingerbread house was a disaster. The one I made last year had a bit of a roof cave in on the way to Christmas lunch – as we were experiencing heavy hail at the time – we just joked that it was hail damage. The trick with the house is I use a silicon mould – I just make the dough, push it into the mould, bake and glue together with icing. The great thing is they don’t have to be perfect and you can just keep adding icing.

  2. Oh my, yours is going to be a busy table on Christmas day, hope you have a fabulous time! ps you can drop the gingerbread house over just whenever it suits you…. lol!

  3. Your gingerbread house is so pretty and looks delicious! I love the pillow boxes, too. Fab idea to enlist the girls’ help. Thanks so much for stopping by during the Paper Smooches December DT Blog Hop!

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