Quilt top for Miss S

Warning – another long post today.IMG_3350b

I purchased some of this fabric ages ago to make a card trick quilt for Miss S (13) – then we changed our mind on colour and pattern. For some reason some panels look yellow in this pic – the colours are aquas and greens. Recently I found time to cut this out and piece together. Would you believe it only took a few hours to sew together.  Miss S would like a border of white around this before I attach the backing fabric and the binding. I got the pattern from Better Homes and Gardens March 2012 – turn up the colour. Hope to finish it soon – will share an update when I do. Fabrics used so far are from Spotlight and GJ’s fabrics.

In the mean time this is a pic of my first ever quilt I made for Miss A way back in August 2011 – before I started blogging. You will have to forgive me if I use the incorrect terms.

I have taken the information from my notes – before I started this quilt I had read about people keeping quilting diaries. I thought that would be nice to have. Not sure how many quilts I will end up making in my life at the moment it is around 2.5.


Fabrics from Spotlight and GJ’s fabrics. The pattern is sample squares I put together from books I borrowed from the local library Ultimate Quilting bible – Marie Clayton, 101 Patchwork patterns pdf here http://www.101patchworkpatterns.com/02toc/toc.shtml and The magic of Quilt making A beginners guide – Margaret Rolfe and Jenny Bowler. Patterns include Nine Patch Block, Sawtooth, Pinwheel block, Whirlwind, Old Maid’s puzzle, Double cross and Endless stairs. I made up the blocks and joined together with sashing. I made a border from the left over fabric before adding the last border and attaching the white backing fabric and the pink binding. I quilted in the ditch. As this was my first quilt and Miss A was about 5 or 6 at the time I was really just playing – I knew she wouldn’t be too critical as long as I stayed with pink and purple.

And this is a pic of the second quilt I made for Miss E in March 2012 and a matching cushion. The pattern is disappearing nine patch. As for the fabric it is a mix also from Spotlight and GJ’s Fabrics.


and the back


and the cushion


Thanks for hanging in. Tomorrow I will have a post for the Lollipop Ladies.

Hope you are having a great week. Still munching through chocolate here.




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