This is my cardigan so far – I am up to the sleeves. I am not sure if I will get to the long sleeves – I only have one ball/skein of this yarn left. I will be happy if I can make it to just above the elbows. I plan to put a really big button at the neck to secure.  I have decided I really have to make use of more of my crafting supplies. I originally bought this yarn to make my son (now 15) a jumper when he was about 9 or 10! He no longer wants jumpers so not wanting to waste I found this great pattern. I must say I have found some great inspiration on ravelry for any knitters or crocheters reading this.

The original pattern is below – if you click on the pic it should take you to the pattern.

pattern by Isabell Kraemer

and her blog


This is a first for me in a few ways. One I only started this in February so I think I might actually get to wear this this season. Other than children’s or baby’s wear it always takes me so long to finish anything. And secondly I have never knitted something from the top down before. This garment has no shoulder or side seams so it took me a little while to understand what I was actually knitting the pattern instructions are clear I just couldn’t visuallise what I was doing if that makes sense – and I asked my MIL!

Thanks for stopping – I hope you are liking my mix of posts over the last few weeks.




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