A few things I have been upto…


Such a long time between posts.  It gets like that sometimes.

I have been creating – just not papercrafting.

A little of what I have been up to. It all started with Hubby needing a couple of pairs of bike shorts. While I had the tub of fabric I have been hoarding keeping for projects out Miss 10 selected fabric for 2 pairs of bike shorts/netball knickers, a singlet top and a fleecy hoadie. Yes I had fabric to make all this and even the zip for the hoadie. I also had a piece of woolen fabric a friend gave me to make a pinafore dress for her daughter – yep that got made too.

The hoadie


I altered this and added ribbing at the cuffs and waist. I only used one fabric that is I didn’t line with a second fabric. Miss 10 is pretty happy and has been wearing it. I think this fabric was originally from my Mother in laws stash.

IMG_6784 (427x640)

This is the pattern I used for Miss 10’s top. I used the smallest size and did bigger seams. It is a little big but she is happy. I used a grey and green stripe knit fabric she picked originally from my Mother in laws stash. Sorry no pic of the top it is in the wash.

McCall's 6926 Misses' Tunic and Top  One Hour Top Pattern Dated 1994  Plus Size 16, 18, 20

The dress pattern I used was this

IMG_6766 (454x640)

The pattern I used for hubby’s I drafted from an old pair of shorts. Left over dance fabric I think.

IMG_6780 (640x579) (2)

Miss 10’s bike shorts I used a pattern I have used for dancing and am unsure of the original pattern. Once again left over dance fabric.

IMG_6781 (640x499)

Along with this I have a jumper I have been working on which was an unfinished project a friend gave to me when her mum down sized. It only requires one sleeve to be completed. It had the cuff already done when it was given to me. It took me a little while to work out the correct gauge knitting and pulling back a few times, but I think I am on track now.

IMG_6777 (640x427)

The original pattern for this came from Country Crafts June 1987. I think it is about time the jumper got finished. Miss 19 would like to wear this when it is done – hopefully I get it finished before winter.

Thanks for stopping.




6 thoughts on “A few things I have been upto…

  1. My you have been busy – and so productive! Great job in meeting so many clothing needs and using up stuff you have stored, knowing that it would come in handy one day! A girl after my own heart – not that I have the need to make so much nowadays, but I still do sometimes lol! Thanks so much for sharing – it’s so good to know creativity is alive and well, in the midst of so much consumerism.

  2. OMG – your hoading pays off! What a fabulous collection of makes and love that jumper – I think I may have that pattern too or our daughter has it somewhere. I think she knitted it for her Dad once. Might have to get my unfinished items out of the bags and send them across the ditch!!

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