A little knitting project…


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and indulged in some treats.

The Easter bunny did visit here and left the children some chocolate. Even though they are 19 – 10 years they enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny. The Easter bunny likes to leave little eggs through the house. I have a feeling they may not have found all of them yet. I’m hoping hubby brings me something nice he is currently half way through a 3 week work trip.

Anyway onto my project(s). In a few weeks one of my oldest friends is celebrating her birthday.

I recently purchased some lovely 4ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills at a store in Geelong. I liked the first ball so much I had to go back and buy a second colour. Just as well Ms 19 is studying in Geelong it is an excuse for me to car pool and go shopping.

IMG_6804 (608x640)

I am pairing these wash cloths up with some natural bath salts.  I think she will appreciate something just for her.

After this little mini project I have 146 grams of the glacier and 170 grams of the Daffodil left – so more than enough to make more.

The patterns I used from top to bottom are

Mollie Makes washcloth here

Double seed stitch pattern here

Grandmother’s favourite dishcloth here

Jestti – My favourite wash cloth here

Alaina’s simple seed stitch dishcloth here

Thank you to all the designers of these patterns for making them available as free downloads.

All notes for these projects can be found on my Ravelry page here

Thanks for stopping

I haven’t had inky fingers for a while so must rectify that soon




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