Lazy Sunday afternoon…


Sorry for my lack of posts. I have no excuse really.  Other than it is school holidays. Ms 10 has kept me busy playing boggle and bingo and a few extra swim practices at the local pool. We have also had a shopping day and spent some time purchasing some new plants for the garden and veggie patch.

Anyway I don’t have a card or paper project to share today. However a few days ago I finally sewed up my Drops Design Lazy Sunday Afternoon here


And as Melbourne has had a few cooler days I have worn it a couple of times.

Drops design Lazy Sunday Afternoon (617x640)

It is almost time to pick up Mr 17 from his Maths revision.

Cheers for now



8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday afternoon…

  1. It looks amazing and warm! A pretty colour too – will suit you. I have been meaning to say how delightful it was to meet up with you in Melbourne. Thank you for my gift too – they are so soft. I hope you have a productive day – I ended up spending money on ebay before I got home as I couldn’t find what I was looking for there.

    1. Thanks Susan. It was great to meet you as well and the gift was a pleasure.
      Been busy with the garden this afternoon followed by another trip for more plants. Hopefully my veggie garden and pots will look great soon. Hubby does the rest of the garden.
      Must admit if the dollar hadn’t been so bad I would have done more shopping online recently – I did do a little! New goodies have arrived this week.

    1. Thanks Sophia. I have worn it a couple of times last week as we had a few cooler days. Today is back to gorgeous sunshine. I’m hoping in a few weeks we will have a lot of plants in the veggie garden.

    1. Thanks Dianne. It really was rather simple mostly stocking stitch (knit one row purl the next) and came together pretty quick. My eldest has now requested socks, I haven’t knitted those before so it is a learning curve.

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