I must apologise for my lack of posts.  It has been nearly a month since my last post! I will try to keep it brief things which have kept me from posting. Sorry just re-read my post you may want a cuppa.

Before I do I did get my tax returns completed in time and was able to go to the craft show.

A few things which have kept my attention a broken washing machine door – lucky this was fixed under warranty. No one has any idea how it happened! You can imagine with all the swimming and sports in general my machine gets a heavy workout. I have had some relax time a few dinners with other groups of mums, parent information nights for school, an AGM for work, taking on an extra day a week of work and generally being a busy time of the kinder year. This is only the high’s and low’s not the every day stuff I am sure all mum’s (dad’s too) do every day.

I did have a girl’s weekend away planned with my bookclub/walking friends however I had to cancel as Mr M was in the middle of his year 12 exams at the time and needed to be taken to extra exam practice and I needed to keep Ms S & Ms A away from him!  The hubby was working that weekend. I was also so far behind with the dancing costumes I needed to finish those – concert is tonight! Just finished adjusting the last costume after dress rehearsal the other evening.  As it turns out it was just as well I didn’t go away as I got news over that weekend that my 97 year old Gran had passed away peacefully.  I took days just doing what needed to be done. We had a lovely service for her last week and sadly it was one of the few opportunities  I get to see extended family. (I am sure I am not alone here). We will miss her but know that she lived a full and happy life.

Mr random must have known I needed a pick me up as he picked my card from this post to win at Scrapbook Boutique’s challenge last month.

This week we have had the dress rehearsal and a Hunger Games afternoon. Yes Ms E had 10 friends over to watch movie 1 & 2 before heading out to watch movie 3 and the midnight screening of the new movie with her friends and Mr M. Returning home at 3.15 am to wake the entire house.

Any way with all the updates done I will share a few things I did do.

Boy was I a bit rusty making this card.

fish card (640x455)

This card was a little late for the recipient but better late than never right.  I used Market Street Stamps Ocean Fun and My Cute stamps fishy fun to create my fish bowl card along with my circle dies. This was as per Ms E’s precise instructions!

This next card and gift bag decoration are for tonight.

watermelon card (640x417)

Once again per Ms E’s instruction watermelon was requested.  I am sure there are watermelon stamps out there but do you think I own one? No.  So I needed to be creative and came up with using the solid  half circle stamp from SU What’s your type? set and add the skin and pips by hand with markers.  The sentiment is from Papersmooches Smarty Pants. They haven’t been rejected, but then maybe Ms E knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The final card is actually a multiple.

I made multiplies of this card to send to those who sent me a card after the passing of Gran.

thank you card (461x640)

 Gran was rather fond of butterflies, this is the card I made her for her last birthday here.

I hope to find some time over the weekend to make some cards for the Card drive here

CaringHeartsLogo2015_withdate (1)

and an engagement card for a nephew and some birthday cards. It is nearly birthday week here in my house 🙂

I am sorry this is such a long post.

I plan to be back soon with some more creations and a shorter post 🙂

Until next time

Thank you for all your lovely comments




14 thoughts on “Hello…

  1. Wow, I knew when I started reading this post, that when you said you had been really busy, it must have been major! You are always busy, Vicki – hats off to you! But yes, you have really been under the pump, but it seems you have coped amazingly well, as usual! Love your inventive watermelon card – Ms E has learned well! – but I’m sure she really loved it. Genius! The fishy card is cute and the butterfly card is lovely! Only Christmas now to get through and it’ll be a breeze for you! For me, I have sent a few cards off to the CHCD and have made a few too, as I want to get as much done as I can before we have to move. We haven’t sold yet, though there has been interest on the house. We’ll be glad when Open House days are over – our home has never looked cleaner! I’m glad you won the SBB prize last month lol!

  2. Okay, take a breath….. Oh my, you have been ‘crazy busy’ and I thought that I was out of control at the moment, but nothing to complain about here, no way. So sad to hear your Gran died, 97 is amazing, she must have seen some changes in her life time! Would you believe that I just finished off some cards today for the chcd and am delivering them personally to Linda with arvo tea and maybe help do a little organizing of some cards at the same time next week. so glad to see you found some crafty time, love those fun watermelons and of course the butterfly is so pretty and fish always make me smile, so thanks yet again for a great collection of inspiration!

    1. Thanks Therese. I wont share what we have on the calender for the rest of the year! You are right Gran had seen a lot and we are lucky she shared some details with us for school assignments.
      Enjoy your afternoon with Linda I hope I get some things sent before the deadline – otherwise they will be in the post!

  3. Firstly, I am very sorry about your Gran. A loss to you all. Secondly, you have been amazingly busy being a wonderful mum – see me bowing to you! Your family is very lucky. Thirdly, your cards are fabulous – your kids know you are so creative and trust you to produce and you don’t let them down.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your nan passing away. I hope you and your family are coping okay.
    It sounds like you have been flat out with your kids keeping you on your toes. Didn’t know you can sew as well as craft, clever you. my sewing skills end at hems and buttons. Great collection of cards and I love how you improvised with the watermelon card. I’m trying to get a pile of cards done for the drive as well but may have to eliminate a few because of size, I forgot to take that into account when I was making them.
    Take care in this heat (its killing me as I’m into my 12th year of the change -wish whatever I am changing into would bloody happen). And remember to breath 🙂

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