Two quilts in time for Christmas…


Stopping to share a couple of quilts I have been working on.

A friend of mine requested a baby quilt but not pink.  After having a little look through my stash of fabric we settled on red. Of course I needed to buy a few extra fabrics to add to what I already had.

We decided on a disappearing nine patch pattern. There are lots of tutorials for this on line.  It is a simple design but I think it looks very effective. It looks like you have spent hours piecing lots of different size pieces together when you really haven’t. My squares are 5″ sewn into the nine patch blocks.

This quilt is for my friend to gift to a work mate.

red quilt Sandra 2015 2 (446x640)

finished size 130 cm x 98.5 cm

and as I was working on this I realised I had made to many rows for a baby quilt. Must remember my Dad telling me measure twice cut once! next time I am making a quilt.

It was then that hubby requested a quilt for someone at work.

As my other quilts are in a store on consignment I used the additional rows to make a second quilt.

dominic's quilt 3 (572x640)

Finished size 130 cm x 115 cm

Both quilts are backed with white fabric which has a floral self pattern and binded with chinese red cotton (also used in the quilt top).  I quilted the first in the ditch around the final block both vertically and horizontally. And the second was quilted in rows.

Until next time




4 thoughts on “Two quilts in time for Christmas…

  1. I am so impressed Vicki! Those quilts will be so treasured because they are beautiful, and hand made! And you manage to make it sound so easy, but they can’t be – congratulations!

    1. Thanks Ann. It really is an easy pattern to follow – squares sewn together that’s it, cut and re-sewn together. I find the hardest part getting the layers taught for basting and quilting and then feeding it through my treadle sewing machine. Yes I use a treadle because I prefer the stitch it gives over my electric machine.

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