Happy New Year…


Happy 2016

I hope you have had a wonderful festive season and a great start to the new year.

All the Christmas prep was completed just in time.

IMG_7091 (640x359)


IMG_7093 (640x427)

I applogise these photos were taken really late on Christmas Eve.  The gingerbread house was being held until the icing set with some cooking twine – which was removed just before serving on Christmas day. I had a small disaster with the first batch of gingerbread I made was to soft and I had a rather large wall cave in. I couldn’t save it (which my kiddos were very happy about!) so after some googling I found a new recipe here and made a new one Christmas Eve. Miss 11 and I decorated 2 cakes, one for Christmas day and one for later. The little santas you see were inspired by Judy May here. A few weeks before Christmas a couple of friends came over and we made about 100 of these. 50 of these went with my friend just before Christmas to an orphanage in Cambodia she established a charity for.  The children really loved them from the pics she has sent me.

IMG_7081 (590x640)

I did finish the engagement card I needed for my hubby’s nephew. Images are from Flourishes wedded bliss stamped in tip top taupe and finished with ribbon and lace from my stash.

So what have I been doing since the fat man arrived?

After the post Christmas sales – yes more shopping, Mr almost 18 needed a birthday present for 15th January and the girls had birthday money & vouchers which “needed” to be spent i.e. were burning a hole in their pockets!

I have started the quilt I mentioned in the last post. Top all done ready for backing, basting and machine quilting. Should have time to complete before the birthday next week. Will share when finished.

In the last week we have spent some time away in Yarrawonga with a couple of hubby’s brothers and some of their children.

I couldn’t go past the quilt shop without stopping and making a small purchase. I’m hoping I have some fabrics in my stash that will go with this.

IMG_7140 (640x400)

A great opportunity while away to read a book (the Nightingale – Kristin Hannah)  and start another one (Written in my own hearts blood – Diana Gabaldon).  I also got a little knitting done, nothing finished though.

IMG_7137 (640x497)

Step Hem Jumper from Patons Women’s Merino Collection here or  here is a link to my ravelry page using Bendigo Woollen Mills Milk Way yarn. I have put this on hold to start a summer t-shirt.


IMG_7141 (640x341)

Mint tee Knit T-Shirt by Purl Soho pattern here or on my ravelry page here using Bendigo Woollen Mills 100% Bamboo in 4ply. 
I haven’t made a resolution as such, but I do intend to make a dent in my fabric, paper and wool stashes over the next few months. I have pinned so many projects and have a large stash of goodies I simply must knit, sew, stamp and colour! So once all the post Christmas end of school year tidy up is done I hope to make a good start.
Until next time
Thanks for stopping

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year…

  1. Wishing you a very happy New Year Vicki! You’re off to a great start already I see – but glad you’ve also enjoyed a little holiday and reading to round out your activities lol! I’m supposed to be packing, but our youngest grand kids are coming for a week on Friday, and I’m still finding a little time to create cards – it is an addiction, of course -:)

    1. Thanks Ann. Maybe your grand children can help you pack? It sure is an addiction – you may have guessed I get a little antsy if I haven’t made something! Wonder where my son gets his figeting from? Enjoy your grandchildren 🙂

  2. Ohhh my goodness Vicki, so when do you breath????? Love those little lollie Santas how wonderful for the kids in Cambodia. The gingerbread house – I would have kicked it down the street and never tried again, you are a far better woman than me. Quilts, knitting, reading, cards, cooking is there anything you cant do??? Wonderful woman, love your engagement card too and find that pale green T-shirt? very interesting. Cant wait to see it finished. As usual thanks for the lovely comments on my blog as well, I cant believe how talented you are. Enjoy the Christmas break (Elysha is sitting watching the rain pour down and stressing cause we are to go to Canberra for our weekly visit with mum and dad and she hates the rain).Poor bugger.

    1. Thanks Aileen. I may have not made another house except the extended family were expecting a Gingerbread House on Christmas Day! Hope Elysha is feeling better by the time you get to Canberra.

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