Post School Holiday update…


Today is the first day back to work/uni/school for us after 2 weeks school term break. I go back tomorrow.  As I have some time here today without the family I hope to get to play with some stamps and ink.  Don’t get me wrong I do like the school holidays, this time round it was a little more all over the place than usual.  Between dentist appointments, check ups, test driving a new car (we haven’t bought one yet!) and other bits and bobs we didn’t even fit in one trip to the zoo.  Very unusual.  And not a huge amount of constructive crafty time for me.

I did participate in my first ever blog hop.  Welcome to my new followers.

I will share a few things though

The 2.5″ stripes of re-purposed shirts have been made into this

IMG_7328 (618x640)

I used where I could strip piecing method.  Much quicker than sewing lots of 2.5″ squares together.  This unfinished quilt top measures 132 cm x 147 cm.
IMG_7329 (427x640)

As you can see I used the sleeves leaving the buttons on.  This quilt when it is finished wont be suitable for young children. At this point I am not sure what I will do with the finished shirt quilts. I haven’t decided on backing or binding yet either. I still have to cut into the shirt fronts with pockets to.  Perhaps I should use the pocketed fronts for the backing? Any thoughts?

This is a pic of the other re-purposed shirt quilt top I shared here no further progress on this yet.

shirt quilt top (640x581)

I had a little time waiting for appointments  during the school term break so I got back onto my Step Hem Jumper from Patons Women’s Merino Collection using Bendigo Milky fibre from here.  Not a lot of progress but a start on the sleeves.

IMG_7331 (640x496)

The back and front so far…

IMG_7137 (640x497)

Netball starts back again this weekend.  I think I will need this as the girls play outside.

Well I didn’t think I had much to share but it seems I did.  Sorry for the long picture heavy post. Hopefully I will be back in a day or two with some inky creations.

Until next time




6 thoughts on “Post School Holiday update…

  1. My thoughts exactly! – the holidays were great, but I couldn’t wait to finally have the house to myself today and get stuck into some sewing! Like the new blog layout!

  2. Your holiday sounds perfect to me! With 4 kids/young people you are bound to be here there and everywhere! We only have grandkids nearby now, and are acutely aware of how much has to be fitted into school holidays! For us, it was wisdom teeth extractions, work experience, footy practice – you know how it goes:) Your quilts are beautiful – I love the buttons left on the sleeves, but yes, that makes them non-baby friendly. I won’t dream of suggesting how you should proceed, but wait to see the finished products in due time. Hope your return to work went smoothly – not long to the next holidays is it? hugs, Ann

    1. Thanks Ann. Lucky #2 doesn’t have to have his wisdom teeth out at the moment. #1 has had hers out. So far only #3 has had to have braces! Lucky. Sounds like your grand kids are just as busy as my kiddos are.

  3. Wow! You have been busy! I am tired just thinking about it. But … then I guess I have a few projects on the go, too! (Not just the card making!) I find the holidays are an easier time to get some crafting done. All my usual weekly commitments are on hold … and with only 1 left at school (yr 12) … who has a girlfriend, soccer & study to do … I actually find I have a little extra free time. I made 6 cards today! (doubles of 3 designs!) Hugs xx

    1. Thanks. I actually didn’t realise how much I had done until I sat down to write the post! I seem to fill up all the usual after school activities time with other things! I think I have seen one of your cards will keep an eye out for the other 2. 🙂

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