A finished shirt quilt and a finished jumper…


A finished half square triangle quilt.  I have completed the basting, quilting and binding of the first of my shirt quilts.

shirt quilt half square triangles front (640x400)

I decided to back with cornflower blue cotton.  I joined off centre with a strip of half square triangles.The binding is black cotton.

I will be using this method again.  I enjoyed the process of making the half square triangles by Missouri Start Quilt Company. (This was my first time at using half square triangles).

shirt quilt half square triangles finished (640x502)

This quilt measures 160 cm x 151 cm.

These are a couple of pics I shared earlier.

Shirts ready for cuttingshirts (640x478)The quilt top before basting.shirt quilt top (640x581)

I have basted the second quilt and quilted.  All ready for the binding.  I used a new method for basting.  I wasn’t enjoying basting on the floor.  I saw this great tutorial (here) by Sharon Schamber.  So when netball was cancelled a couple of Saturdays ago I had some free time to go to Bunnings.  Picked up my timber and had it cut into 2 equal lengths for me.  Perfect.

Here’s a pic

shirt quilt basting #2 (640x370)

I have also finished my jumper and have been wearing it.  This is a Step Hem Jumper from Patons Women’s Merino Collection made from Bendigo Woollen Mills Milky Fibre.

hi lo jumper (640x383)

I wont make a model

hi lo jumper 4 (533x640)

Until next time




10 thoughts on “A finished shirt quilt and a finished jumper…

  1. I prefer to see the jumper modelled:) It looks great – as do the finished quilt and the nearly finished quilt. Such great re-uses of those business shirts!

  2. Holy moly you are so clever!! Love love love the jumper (looks so good on too) and love the quilt too. I just finished one for my mums 70th ( I’ll post it after I give it to her 😀) you’re the queen of crafts Vicki!!

  3. How busy are you! I love your quilt and that you used shirts ….. It’s what patchwork was always about…. Using fabric at hand. Good for you. Your jumper looks great too, nice and cozy 😊

    1. Thanks Sue. I agree. The shirts were past the wearing stage so I thought I should give it a go. As for the jumper it is perfect for the weather we have been having – very warm and cosy 🙂

  4. Found you from the SB entry…couldn’t help noticing your great jumper…love the look of the yarn. I haven’t looked at Bendigo for a while, must have a squizz…Di xx

  5. 2 lovely finished projects, the quilt looks fantastic, the striped fabrics work really well! Definitely the weather for wooly jumpers, I like the side splits and longer back design.

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