A little colouring…


Hubby needed a card for his boss’s birthday.  And as is normal for my family he requested certain elements.

I didn’t feel I had what he requested in my stash of stamps.  I know how is that possible? Anyway I decided to search for an appropriate digi image.  Of course I have used the image but have some how not saved the original source.  If this is yours thank you and I’m sorry for not saving your details.  Please let me know and I will include a link.

I am linking this to these challenges

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this oneHere is my card

I’m not sure it was funny enough without going over the line – there was no feedback from hubby.  The story in it’s creation is funny, now.

IMG_7390 (490x640)

The image is printed on xpress it cardstock and coloured with alcohol markers. The remaining cardstock is from SU and the sentiment is from PTI Birthday Bash. The coloured image is popped up with foam tape.

I had the image almost fully coloured and all the cardstock cut  and positioned on my workspace and the sentiment stamp ready to stamp.  All organised to finish when I returned from work.  UM 10 minutes before I needed to leave for work I looked – no stamp! Where had it gone. Not on the floor? Not in my diary? Not on my clothes (yes I made Ms 11 check!) Where? I wanted to pull the place apart looking.  I had to go to work.  I even rang Mr M (18) from work and asked him to look for it. As soon as I got home I started the search. I had to retrace my morning steps. The little thing had attached itself to the plastic envelope I keep my colour chart in and was at the back of the shelf cause I had put the envelope away.  Mr M would never have found that.  Do these things happen to other people and drive you just a little silly! or is it just me?  Looking on the bright side for a set I have had for a while and used a fair amount it has kept its stick 🙂

On another note the girl’s netball team won today.  They have lost every game this season and there is only 2 games left to play.  It was awesome. The girls are second from the bottom and they won against the top team – 11 teams.  Some of the girls have gone out (a birthday party) but I’m pretty sure they are going to celebrate like it was a grand final victory.

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8 thoughts on “A little colouring…

  1. So glad to hear that you found the stamp…. I’ve lost them myself and it’s so frustrating. Love these images and your fun card and of course your colouring!

    1. Thanks Therese. Glad to know it’s not just me! If you ask my kiddos I was a little beyond frustrated. It’s one of my quirks I hate losing things. One of my friends calls it OCD – she loves to tell people I have never lost a sock. The other day she was telling people how she use to hide the kid’s toys when they were little just to see my reaction 🙂

  2. Oh I can certainly relate to your story of your lost stamp! With me, I lose something I have just been using, then yell out that I can’t find it, my DH comes into my stamp room and says can I help? and I churlishly say no – you don’t know where anything is in here, and he immediately picks up said lost item! It’s actually so funny, because it happens so often! But I still feel your pain – but glad you found it – they do stick to anything around! Anyway, I think you made a great card for your hubby’s boss – hope he has a sense of humour1

  3. Oh you are not alone Vicki! I’m sure I’m still missing stuff after the last move…..drives me crazy! Love this cheeky card and your lovely colouring. So pleased to read about the girls netball! Hope it gives then encouragement to continue playing. 😊

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