Lady in red…


How has your week been? Mine has been a bit of a whirl wind.  It has been full up with meetings, after school activities, work and general family stuff.  And a first world problem.  Now before you read any further you can skip my rant and head to the pretty pictures if you like  – I wont know! Yesterday afternoon the plan was to pick up my delivery from the parcel locker on the way home from work, pick up Ms A from school, head to major shopping centre to pick up Mr M (18 – this trip would be unnecessary if he would get his driver’s licence!) then head to Ms S’s school to pick her up from an after school SAC all by 5 pm!. This was doable and planned so there was no doubling back and Ms S could be home as quick as possible because she has a charity event today that started at 3.30 am. So what was the issue? My phone. It was working fine at the parcel locker.  Went to call Mr M enroute to shopping centre to arrange pick up – phone would not connect to the car. Small issue I thought I’ll ring when I stop driving.  No phone just a black screen.  Head into shopping centre breaking with the original plan, my aim to find a public telephone.  We don’t have those anymore do we. A little annoying! 😦 The lovely cleaners directed me to the service desk where the helpful staff let me use the phone and offered to put his name over the PA system.  He answered on the 3rd call!  I was going to take them up on the PA offer, even if he would’ve been mortified.   When I eventually got home what the stories were? Yes Ms S had finished 40 minutes early and had been messaging and phoning me whilst waiting and Ms E had finished Uni early and had been calling to offer to help pick up.   We tried for a while to get the phone working – no luck. How much do I now rely on a mobile phone to help organise my family.   You can guess I will be heading out soon to look at getting a new one!

If you have read my venting – thank you. Now onto some nicer things.

I finally found a little time to finish this red jumper for Ms A (11).

IMG_7431 (527x640)

She has a little growing room.  I’m not sure she will wear it much this year – I’m hoping for warmer days,  but next year it will fit perfectly!

IMG_7432 (303x640)

This is made using BWM bold bamboo in rouge.  I used the Step Hem Jumper pattern from Patons Women’s Merino Collection.

I also finished a dog’s coat for the lost dog’s home

IMG_7436 (640x222)

This will be heading in tomorrow with these I shared last week.

dog jackets for lost dogs home mine and Margarets. (478x640)

I also made this little thank you for Margaret as she knitted the 4 aqua dog coats.

IMG_7420 (640x366)

I used some twine! The sentiment is from PTI mega Mixed Messages stamped in SU Dapper Denium.

As usual I have a request or two from my kiddos so it wont be long before I’m back to share.

Until then




9 thoughts on “Lady in red…

  1. Your whirlwind life… I don’t know how you keep up and to be knitting and making cards, you are superwoman for sure! Love the knitty card, it is so totally clever, see you next time you come up for a breath lol!

  2. I’m with Therese…I’m in awe of just how much you fit into a day. SInce Walshie retired I struggle to get anything I want completed😊. LOve the sweater and could have done with that this past couple of weeks as we’re looking after our friends dog whilst they’re away. SAid dog just loves the beach and it’s still a bit chill in the wind.😊

    1. Thanks Sue. I must admit I achieve more when hubby works late (which is often!) then when he is on term breaks 🙂 Then again there is always so much more on my “I’d like to do that” list than I have time for. I need to make a coat for my dog soon it is still a little cool here at night too.

  3. I’m feeling your pain Vicki! Trying to be everything and everywhere – but you have a great family who pull together, so all works out in the end! And aren’t we reliant on technology today – our lives are completely run by phone! You sounded pretty light-hearted, so obviously these set backs didn’t dint your sense of humour:) Now to the pretty things – wow, your daughter’s jumper is super! ready for next year’s winter too – and the lost dogs will love their warm jumpers too – cute little card for your friend!

    1. Thanks Ann. Phone all sorted now no need for a new one just yet – just a little gliche no one here knew how to fix! And yes extremely reliant on technology. Just dropped the coats at the lost dog’s home and they are happy.

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