School Holiday Activities…


Today is the last day of school holidays here in Victoria.  Which means life will return to some type of routine from tomorrow.

Usually our holidays are filled with day trips to museums and zoos, however this time we haven’t made one visit!  This past week has seen the 6 of us suffering with a bad cold.  We are starting to feel better in time to return to work/school!

Staying at home has given us time to make these.

Ms E (20) wanted a new sling bag for months so I finally made one.


The bag uses 3 different fabrics and has a sectioned pocket inside for pens, phone and other bits and pieces.  It is large enough to hold her ipad. The straps are long (as per her request) and tied in a knot.  I used a pattern from Better Homes & Gardens Oct 2007 as a guide and enlarged the bag size and made the straps longer.

I completed this quilt using the Missouri Star Quilt method for HST here. I found this here and picked a few of the blocks to complete.


This is backed in an aqua solid and the binding is black and white stripe.

I liked this fabric from Emma Jean Jansen’s Ella Blue range I have started another quilt already!

Finally Miss A (11) had a little play with my stamps, dies and markers and created all these with no assistance from me.  Actually I was at the hairdressers when she made these.

She created the little box herself with her scoreboard.  Yes she has her own!

img_7509-640x340 img_7510-308x640

I think Santa is very cute standing on top of the box.img_7511-482x640 img_7512-426x640

She isn’t afraid to use her pattern paper and mix them up.  I should take notes.

Miss A also has a new pencil roll which I need to take pics of.

Until next time




10 thoughts on “School Holiday Activities…

  1. What bad luck getting sick for the last week of the holidays! I also have that virus, but I’m not working, so it’s not so bad! However, you have made the most of your time indoors, with that lovely and practical sling bag, and your finished quilt is just lovely! Your daughter is definitely taking after you (not withstanding we still learn from the younger ones, who see things with a fresh perspective:) – she is super creative with those stamps and dies! Great job all of you!

  2. Wow, she is quite a talent! Love them all and yes, I now what you mean about pattern papers – I think I am still traumatized by the ‘blue and green’ rhyme! Love the shoulder bag – great colour. Your quilt is beautiful too. I am envious of your skill.

  3. What fun to have daughters to craft with!! Sadly none of my 3 are particularly interested but my granddaughter (5) is creative so I am looking forward to doing some with her! Hugs xxx

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