Happy 2017!


I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Christmas/Holiday period and have had a great start to 2017.

I have recently returned from a few days with family away from my computer and wifi.  I have managed to read a few books in the last couple of weeks. For those that are interested – The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins, Reckoning – Magda Szubanski, The Museum of You – Carlys Bray and Our Souls at Night – Kent Haruf.  I am trying to read the next round of book club books before we return to work and school just to make life easier.

Before we left I made this skirt for Ms S (17) from a piece of fabric that was gifted to me.  Fairly straight forward, side splits, hem and elastic waist. No pattern.  It has met with her approval as she has worn it a couple of times.


As we were away with limited space I took only a few things to keep me busy while I was sitting talking.   I continued with the jumper below and have made considerable progress the pattern is from Bendigo Woollen Mills you can find it here.  I am up to the first front band which is 200+ stitches which needs to be knitted to 18 cm.  This will be for Ms E.

PT8340 - Cardigan with pockets in the front bands - 8 Ply

The other project I began is English Paper Piecing.  Not so long ago I was heard to utter the words “I don’t have time or patience for that type of thing”. Well things change! I have an increasing pile of fabric bits that I am collecting (not hoarding!) for something (project(s) unknown!) and just as much unloved cardstock.  So when I spotted in the post Christmas sales a Fabi hexagon die which is compatible with my bigshot I thought I would give EPP a go.  I die cut about 30 sheets of cardstock with the die and also used my little hexi punch so I could make the most of the fabric.

This is the results so far

img_8240-640x427img_8238-640x427img_8239-640x427img_8234-640x427I think I will piece the large hexies into a quilt top eventually with the blocks randomly placed.  This will be a long term project I think.  As for the smaller hexies I am not sure.  I did think I may use them to make a pencil or marker roll but then thought my knitting needles could do with the same love.  Perhaps I will have enough hexies to complete all these projects! Again a long term plan.

I do hope to be back with a card or two.  I have 4 birthdays in the next 3 days so I need to get some stamps and ink out very soon!

Thanks for stopping




4 thoughts on “Happy 2017!

  1. Happy New Year Vicki! Love the straight skirt – perfect! Books? I’ve read Girl on the Train this season too – was very annoyed with the main female character – felt she needed to butt out! lol! but did enjoy the read. I’m not really interested in the movie, which has been set in NYC – it won’t be the seem, I feel. Your hexagons will be used, I’m sure – BTW – I use many of my dies for fabric, but use a different platform. I’ve just gone to check it out – it is a Metal Adapter Mat, called Quilt Essentials, made by Couture Creations. You probably don’t need it, if you are cutting out successfully, but I have found I did need this extra platform to achieve clean cuts. I have cut rolled roses and Easter bunnies from felt – using just regular dies. Looking forward to seeing more cards this year when you get the time. Have a wonderful 2017.

    1. Thanks Ann. I felt the same way! She needed to butt out!
      Great tips for die cutting. Funny I first bought a die cutting machine to cut felt well we all know where I’ve gone with that now! I do have a metal matt I don’t use it very often and not sure if it is the same as what you have mentioned will look it up. Yes sometimes I find I need an extra something to get a clean cut.

    1. Thanks for stopping. Yes works well to use up some unloved cardstock and fabric and use my die cutting machine. Gotta love when you can use your supplies across more than one domain – makes them value for $

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