What have I been upto?…


Well we are nearly to the end of the school holidays and I have not been as productive as I would have liked!

I have a long list of projects and I am not ticking them off fast enough! Sound like anyone else?

I have finished these

Perfect fit socks you can find the pattern here

and started this

Been working on this

And a couple of cards for a friend in my knitting group.

I used SU Number of Years stamps and dies.

I have my Easter baskets/boxes to make. On the to do list for today.

For my last birthday a few months back my kiddos gave me 2 close up encounters at Melbourne Zoo.  I chose Giraffe and Squirrel Monkey.  So yesterday hubby, myself, 4 kiddos + Ms S’s boyfriend all spent the day at the zoo so hubby and I could enjoy the encounters.  Yes the kiddos all had to watch from the other side of the fence!  You aren’t allowed to pat them just “stand like a tree”.  They just sit on your arms nibbling their treats.  We did get to give the Giraffe lettuce leaves.  You stand on a platform and they come to you to grab the leaves in their long tongues.  This was over all too fast!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter (if you celebrate the occasion) and you get a little spoilt with yummy goodies.

Until next time




6 thoughts on “What have I been upto?…

  1. Lovely to see what you have been up to Vicki! Very productive as usual, and lovely projects – I have only knitted socks a few times, and never ones that size – but I bet they are sooooo comfortable! Love the tag with the Number of Years – a great idea! What a fab gift you received – I can only think it is a BIG thank you for all the lovely school holiday outings you took them on over the years – very thoughtful:)

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