A little show and tell…


School holidays are once again over. This time we visited the Vic Market at night.  Boy was that super busy. There were buskers with fire sticks and fire pits, loads of food, a silent disco (great fun to watch!) and some nice crafty stalls to visit.  We went a little later so we just grabbed a dessert.  We also visited the Werribee Zoo with one of Ms A’s friends where we once again went on the Safari bus.  I really wanted to visit the Melbourne zoo to see the updated lion enclosure however Ms A wanted to go to Werribee (again!).

I was also busy at the sewing machine and with my knitting needles.  I do have a few card projects  a friend has requested to, however they are still on my “To do” list.

I finished the HST quilt I shared a little while back.

finished size is 84 cm x 100 cm.

I followed the shape of the squares/diamonds to quilt just to try something a little different.  I’m probably breaking all sorts of quilting rules!

Ms A (12) and Ms S (17) put in a few requests for new clothing.  The following are a combination of fabric from my stash, a trip to spotlight and fabric recently given to me by a good friend.

Two pair of pj shorts for Ms S, a skirt and 2 pair of long PJ pants for Ms A.

I have also cut out a few other garmets which are yet to be sewn up.  I’ll have to share those another day.

The 2 misses also found 3 dresses which needed new zips. After Ms A removed the zips I did my best to insert new zips.  Not my favourite thing to do I must admit. Sorry no pics of those.

And finally a little knitting from yarn that I have been given.

A dog coat for the lost dog’s home.  I still have one of these on a set of needles which with swimming and netball training in the next few nights I hope to get finished so I can drop these in.

A hat and fingerless gloves for KOGO

A baby jacket and hat also for KOGO

Well that’s it for today.

Until next time




4 thoughts on “A little show and tell…

  1. No doubt about you Vikki, you are one productive crafter! And what great projects you have created! Your school holiday outings sounded fun – thanks so much for sharing and showing – it’s a lovely way to grow a friendship – albeit a blog one!

  2. Your family are so lucky. Well done on all that production! Not been to Werribee but want to get there one day. Are you going to the craft show in August?

    1. Thanks Susan. Next time you are over this way you should visit. It doesn’t take long to walk the trail and the Safari bus is a great rest! The native walk can take a bit of time though. I haven’t thought about the August show yet.

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