A special request…


Popping in today to share a quilt I recently finished for a friend.

My friend picked the fabrics from my stash and looked at the pics of my quilts (I keep a quilt diary) and decided on copying this quilt I made for Ms A in 2011 and shared  back in 2013 here.

This is the new quilt

The new quilt used fabrics from Emma Jean Jansen, Rilley, Grey Matters and Prima along with others from my stash. The finished size approximately 140 x 105 cm. As I did with the first quilt I quilted around each of the blocks and around the scrappy border.  My friend was very happy with the result.

I have since started on another project using old men’s shirts.  I have combined the shirt blocks with new white fabric sashing.  In the stash I have heaps of blue stripey ones! and want the blocks to  be from shirts so to make the white shirts I have go further I am using new fabric for the sashing.

This one is almost ready for basting.

I am considering putting this one on Etsy when I have finished along with a few others I have made recently.  Has anyone had experience with Etsy?  I’d love some tips. email frommycraftroom at gmail dot com

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2 thoughts on “A special request…

  1. Beautiful quilt Vikki! I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with Etsy, but I’m sure your quilts will sell well – they are unique, hand made and beautiful! Good luck!

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