A little sewing…



A few creations I haven’t shared.

A short time ago a friend gave me some fabric.  I have started to cut and sew it up.

I found some patterns on line and others were commerical patterns.

A dress for Ms A 12 (and Ms S 17 they are the same size!) from Mc Call’s M7543

For me the Mandy Boat Tee from Tessunti Fabrics here

Will make this again. I don’t normally like 3/4 sleeves but this one is really comfy to wear although I might add a little to the length next time.

The Elise tee for me from Fine Motor Skills here – I also made this in a blue. Fabrics in pics below I was wearing it when I took these pics! Again I might add a little length if I make this again – not that I’m tall I just like this a little longer.


The following are from the small bits that are left.

Hubbies nephew is expecting his first bub in a few weeks so I thought these might be a nice gift to go with the quilt I am yet to start!

Trio of baby hats here


P is for Pirate Pants here

I like how the pants cuffs and waist band fold up and down to get extra wear out of them.

I have also been knitting. I find it is great to do while watching TV (not that I watch much) and do while I am reading my book club books. Mostly been knitting more dog coats for the lost dogs home and wash cloths.

I also took the plunge a few weeks back and opened an Etsy store here.  I have made things which I haven’t gifted or donated so I might as well pop them onto sell.  I’d love some feedback if you have some time.

Before I go in other news I started a new job yesterday.  Totally different to the type of work I have done in the past although it is still office work.  It is close to home in a great location – sounds like I am selling a house!

Cheers for now



4 thoughts on “A little sewing…

  1. Wow you have been busy with lots of different crafty pursuits Vicki. Good luck in the new job! Closer to home is certainly good 🙂

  2. Some wonderful sewing here – those pirate outfits are too cute! Good luck with your easy shop Vicki – love your clean and simple cards, but I expect you to hit it out of the park with your gorgeous quilts! Best wishes:)

  3. Looks like you have been busy! I like the Mandy tee and have made quite a few- some with longer sleeves, I also changed the neckline to be slightly less wide, but cut a bit lower at the front ( if that makes sense!). Good luck with the new job!

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