Crafty update…


A little dark, wet and cold here in Melbourne today.  A good day for snuggling up inside.

Here is a little update on my crafty pursuits – cause you know I have been creating a little just haven’t shared!

Firstly the back of my Bernat Hi Lo Jumper.  I have started the front however there isn’t much past the cast on to share just yet.

This is a pic of what I hope it looks like when I am done 🙂

You can find the pattern here


I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills Savanna Fog its 30% Alpaca and 70% wool so should keep me nice and toasty warm when I get it finished (fingers crossed before the end of winter!).

This is an update on my hexie hand pieced quilt.  I started making hexies a couple of summers ago as a summer project.  It gets worked on from time to time but as there is no finish date I am just working on it when I feel.  I am using scraps from some of my other quilts and off cuts along with new purchased fat quarters.  I purchased a hexie die so I can cut my own papers from cardstock.  I played with placement of the Grandmothers garden but decided they needed white to help tie them together.  The colours didn’t seem to fight each other as much this way.  This is a long term project and most likely a never ending line of hexies!

That’s all for now.

Off to tidy my craft room because I need to make some space on the desk before I can make a 21st card for tomorrow and a 50th Birthday card for next week.

See you next time




2 thoughts on “Crafty update…

  1. Lovely to hear from you again Vikki! I had no doubt you would have been busy – but time is so precious when you’re so busy! Your jumper will be super for winter, and I bet you’ll have it finished in time to get the benefit from it – and your hexie quilt is sweet. It seems freer than regular quilts, and probably something you can pick up any time and continue with it – perfect! Keep warm, and enjoy these lovely winter hobbies:)

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