A little creative catch up…



When I posted yesterday I realised I had a few other creations I hadn’t shared. So here they are.

A recent 21st card for a Tigers fan

I used My Cute Stamps circus animals and SSS stitched circles dies along with SU Large numbers.

A planter box for a another significant birthday – this time for one of my walking/book club friends who happens to love gardening.

I used Bronwyn Eastley’s pattern here along with various SU stamps and dies.

A Unicorn card – a special request.

This time I used Jane’s Doodles and SU Beautiful Bouquet stamps & dies.

A little error here the kiddos also requested a unicorn card for this girl last year for her birthday and you guessed correct I used Jane’s Doodles Unicorn stamp set for the same girl’s card last year. (Insert embarassed face).  When I looked back at last years card it only had one unicorn so hopefully significantly different.  Needless to say next year I’ll either have to invest in a new unicorn stamp set or make another style of card.

Lastly an update on my Bernate Hi Lo Jumper.

Almost finished the front!

I have another request from the family and a pile of mending so I will get on with that in the coming days.

Until next time




4 thoughts on “A little creative catch up…

  1. Lovely to see your recent makes Vikki! You have reminded me that I too have made cards for requests, and forgotten to post, so perhaps I may catch up soon:) I love your cards – the 21 tiger card is perfect – and packs a punch! Your garden box card is so clever – love it! Your unicorn card is so sweet – no wonder you’ve made a similar one again – and your jumper is looking super! I bet you can’t wait to be wearing it. well done on such a productive time – even mending (does anyone under 40 even know what that means? I wonder).

    1. Thanks Ann. I do hope to wear my jumper soon. I just hope I get it finished before the end of winter! I have started the sleeves since the last update. Glad you liked the cards to. Will keep an eye on your blog for your shares.

  2. Fabulous as usual. sorry I have been so slack lately. Going through a down time I think but things are now improving! We are all OK so cannot have any excuses!

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