My poor neglected blog followers.  I am sorry for lack of posts! No plausable excuse for my lack of posts and lack of comments on other blogs.

Warning long catch up post!

Today I am popping in to share a jumper I finished a few weeks ago and has taken me months to complete! If the weather stays how it has been the last few days I might get to wear it before next winter 🙂

Excuse the silly pose I was acting up for Ms 13.

I have created a few cards including sympathy cards that unfortunately went out the door faster than I could take a pic of them.  The kiddos have mostly been using my stash cards and I have added a sentiment or die cut number appropriate for the recipient. Mr M has requested “21” on all sorts of cards including a baby card! I recently sent some of last years Christmas card makes to Aussie Farmers I saw a collection for on Facebook.

Recent requested 21st cards
another view

I have also been busy sewing.  Continuing on with my contributions to Days for Girls and also a few presents.  These were a recent 1st Birthday gift.

Pinafore Leggins Unicorn PJ’sSomething to cuddle

In early November I decided to start a new quilt for an upcoming December Birthday. None of the quilts in my stash were suitable! I’ll share pics of that when it is completed – it is a secret project.

I am not going to make promises about regular posts from now til post Christmas there is loads on the calender. Between now and mid January my 4 kiddos have a birthday + 2 of their partners – 6 birthdays in about 6 weeks including two 21st’s.  We had one last week too.  We will also be hosting Christmas lunch. Ms 18 is squeezing in a 2 week trip to USA.  I wish I could get her to do some crafty shopping for me 🙂  She is in the first group of Victoria University students ever to go to NASA.  And to top it off my boss would like me to work full time so I have declined the offer and am busy job hunting again. Just quietly I would be happy staying in my craft room.

Many of my regular readers may be familiar with my December/Christmas calender – we will survive the silly season.  I hope you don’t feel to exhausted reading some of the things on my calender for the next few weeks. It will be OK. I have learnt over the years it is OK to say no.

Until next time






7 thoughts on “Hello…

  1. Hello Vikki – it’s lovely to read your post and find out what has been happening at your place! Your knitting is fabulous – it’s good to see such modern pieces made the ‘old fashioned’ way – ie by hand! they are lovely. I’ve been blog absent too, since SBB stopped their challenges and I do miss the contacts I made there. However, I’ve been busy making cards as usual, and quite understand how you wouldn’t mind giving up work to just craft – you have so many things on the go, you must be a master at scheduling your commitments! Your family’s birthdays keep you on your toes for this season, plus no doubt lots of christmas cards too. I have two weddings coming up – a niece and a grandson – and I hope to post cards made for them after the event. Take it easy and make the most of the rest of the year – don’t they fly by so fast!

  2. Seriously it does look like you have been busy lol! It could be a little sad if you do get to wear a wool jumper this time of year, I was talking to my brother yesterday who is on the mid Qld coast and they had 37 degrees….. ps I love the idea of a 21st ‘baby’ card, how fun!

    1. Thanks Therese. 37! Well it is going to be 30 on Saturday here – first semi of netball & our last I would think for the season. The girls are not going to be happy no spares this week all 7 will have to play a full game! Yes Mr M has a sense of humour. You might recall the unicorn cards – they have been for his mates too!

  3. Lovely to hear from you, Vicki! I enjoyed seeing your sewing and your cards and hearing your news! Absolutely important that we learn it’s okay to say no! Thank you for the update!! ❤Hugs, Darnell

  4. Hope the crazy season isn’t too busy! You’re so good making all those things for everyone. I wish I had a card stash set up, it’d be so much easier.

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