Another finished quilt…



Popping in to share a quilt I finished this week.  Just in time I might add. I finished the quilt the same afternoon the bub arrived – nothing like cutting things fine/leaving to the last minute!

IMG_4640 (441x640)

an in progress pic

IMG_4632 (480x640)

and complete

size 133 cm x 102 cm

IMG_4645 (640x476)This was made to order.  Backing is grey cotton.  I quilted around the blocks on my normal machine.

I also hope to finish my Flax light jumper soon – I have about 30 rows of one sleeve to go!

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6 thoughts on “Another finished quilt…

  1. It was soooo lovely to finally meet you, and I seriously had the best day ever and think we should all do it again (maybe not in netball season though lol).

    1. Absolutely! I had the best day and was really happy to meet you and Aileen too. I think I may have been a wee bit excited! It was very inspiring hoping to crack open my purchase later today and try my new markers with some other alcohol markers.

      I thought the girls might win yesterday without me but no another loss! 😦

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