Boulevard Blanket…


Popping in to share a throw (blanket) I completed recently for Ms S (19).


I grossly overestimated how much yarn I would need for this project! I purchased 25 balls based on meterage and used just over 8.  Better than playing yarn chicken. Luckily Ms A (14) has put in an order for a grey throw as well. However I have started another throw for Ms E (23) so she might have to wait a little bit!  I started this back in April so I don’t think it has taken me long considering it really wasn’t a project I could take to the pool and work on.  I had thought I needed to purchase new needle tips for this project however after taking my tips into the city (way back on the day I attended the Altenew workshop) I found I had what I needed.  Common sense should have told me if you double 8 ply which you normally knit on 4mm you will need 8 mm.  Really makes sense in hindsight and you probably already knew that!


You can find the pattern for The Boulevard Blanket here


The finished throw is 94 x 135 cm.  Just big enough to wrap up in which is exactly what Ms S did as soon as I gave it to her.

I have a few other projects on the go or waiting to go! – not all craft related though so fingers crossed I’ll be back to share some progress.  I recently unexpectedly finished my casual position.  So as I undertake the time consuming and painstaking task of finding another position I will hopefully have some extra crafty time.

Until next time

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5 thoughts on “Boulevard Blanket…

  1. Your throw rug looks absolutely lovely! How cosy to wrap up in on these very chilly days! Did you find it heavy to work on, I’m wondering? Good luck with finding your new (and better) job Vikki – though enjoy the little ‘holiday’ you’ve been given in the meantime. Hope to hear you’re settled in a position soon enough:)

    1. Thanks Ann. I used acrylic yarn so wasn’t too heavy a little bulky that’a all. It did keep me nice and warm as I knitted especially as it got bigger!
      I intend to make the most of my impromptu holiday! I’m a little fussy with what work and where so it may take a while. I’m happy to wait for the right job.😉

  2. Sorry to hear about your job. I had a similar experience just before Christmas, and it definitely did help to think about all the extra crafting time I suddenly had!

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