A little catch up…




Just popping in to share what I have been upto!

A little closer to the end for this bold and Stripy throw for my eldest daughter.  The grey band (at the top) is the last colour and as of last night I think I’m around 20ish rows from the end.  Hoping to finish soon so I can get on with some other knitting projects – perhaps finish my socks! This hasn’t been portable so have had to work on it in front of the tv.  I must admit I am not looking forward to weaving in all those ends! It has been a good stash buster project though.

These next two photos are little dresses I have made up out of hubbies old work pants.  The centre front and back seams are from the outside leg seams.  The Butterick pattern 4108 has a seam centre front and back so using the pant seam made these even quicker to put together once I made the time!

I now have the pant tops, the part from waist to crotch, to deconstruct.  If you have an idea on how to use those I’d like to know.  At this stage I think I will be just saving the haberdashery for other projects.

I think these are heading for a new home with a charity.  I used this pattern alot for my girls in all types of fabrics and there are no zips or buttons to fuss with. It was great to pair with tights/leggins and tshirts and jeans later on when the dress got a little short!

Some got a little brightened up with yoyos and buttons.

My aunt has requested some aprons for her grandchildren.  I hope she likes these when I catch up with her.

Again this is a pattern I have been making up for years.  It is from “My learn to sew book” I have had since I was a child in the 70’s.  My cover is looking a little worse for wear.

Hubby and my eldest daughter were away for 7 days in the recent school holidays so it was the perfect time to tidy up my craft space.  I moved furniture and re-organised my supplies.  So my space is reasonably tidy until the next postage delivery! I do have a rather large pile of NBUS and to finish off/re-do projects.

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4 thoughts on “A little catch up…

  1. These are all gorgeous projects Vikki! Your knitted throw will be so cosy and those re-purposed pants/dresses are just too cute! Oldies but goodies! I’ve recently been asked by my daughter to make some PJs out of fleece – she lives in Brisbane, so I didn’t believe she would need them for her 12 and 13 year-old daughters, but apparently they wear them around the house in winter. Of course, I hadn’t kept my Knit Wit patterns as all the family seemed to be past the home made track suits etc, so i searched eBay for a similar pattern and found one in my neighbouring suburb! They made up really well, once I realised that there isn’t as much stretch in polar fleece as there is in regular fleece! Lovely to share your makes with you Vikki – isn’t it satisfying to make something out of nothing?

    1. Hi Ann. Thanks heaps. My girls don’t wear their pj’s during the day – probably cause their dad wouldn’t approve and we are pretty busy. However Ms 14 loves to put her pj’s on almost as soon as she is home from school!
      Lucky you could find a similar pattern so close. This is my problem I haven’t parted with many patterns, I have actually accumulated some of my MIL, my mum and other peoples! I might need them one day 😉
      Absolutely satisfying. You may of guessed I like to make (and have done for a long time even if not fashionable or perfect) and am trying to teach the kiddos to be more thoughtful of what they purchase.

  2. re the pant tops. Bags for the groceries? Would they be deep enough? Sew up the front and add some handles. Pockets would be handy for keys, etc.
    Love the throw. That is a keeper. Your little dresses are so cute. My Mum used to do this. I had forgotten until I saw the photos.

    1. Thanks for the tip Susan. I might give that a try on one pair first and see how it comes out. Seems such a waste to put in the bin – there were holes in these pants which when mended would be unsuitable for work attire.

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