At little organising…


Bet you didn’t think I’d post again so soon 😉

Wanted to share a little of the re -organising jobs I recently completed.

I added 4 A4 magnetic sheets to the inside of one of my built in overhead cupboards in my craft space with double sided tape. The top section is magnet sheet from a calendar. I then spent the best part of 2 days completing this puzzle!

I created little labels with die name and number of dies. You can see the little white stickers behind some of the dies. I’m hoping this will help me keep things in order.  I did have a moment when I dropped the SSS stitched circle set and couldn’t find the smallest one.  I did eventually find it – on the opposite side of the room!

My girls did point out I had several rectangle and circle dies that look the same. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you there are differences even if they are extremely slight!! And my son pointed out one of the sets is still joined together.😊

Now for those who have been on this journey with me most of these are rarely (cough cough) if ever used! time will tell if this makes me use things more.

This task freed up one whole tub that was sitting on the raised section of my craft workspace. I do still have one tub with magnet sheets and my Stampin up dies in their package. Where possible my PTI, ME etc dies are stored with the co-ordinating stamp set.

I like things tidy – although I’m sure my family would say my craft space is messy! This is a little house shaped unit I’ve had for awhile. I was using it to store my punches the punches have now moved to homemade units from IKEA black packing. (You can pick up from IKEA for free from the frame section. You need 2 pieces and my punches fit perfectly so do ink pads! ).

These are all my alcohol markers my collection grew significantly after this years Paperific and an online order. I think considering how little colouring I do this should do – for now! My collection consists of spectrum noir, COPIC sketch & ciao, Stampin up, Kaisercraft and a couple of Altenew markers. I would like to label all the ends one day so I can see what colour is what without pulling out a tonne of markers!!  I’d love some tips on how to go about this.  I’m thinking adhesive dots or a sharpie although I think this wouldn’t look so great.

This pic is my homemade punch unit.  I added a piece of cardboard to the back and two sides with tape for stability.  Hope you can get a sense of how it’s put together from this. I can see my punches and hopefully this will encourage me to use them more!!


My next big organising task is to re-organise my knitting needles.  A huge job considering I have my grandmothers, my mothers (probably some of her mum’s, my other grandmother’s too!) and odd ones gifted to me along with those I have purchased.  I need to work out the double ups and re home.  Sort the DPN, circulars (fixed and interchangable), metal, bamboo and tortoise shell.

Thanks for stopping




4 thoughts on “At little organising…

  1. A busy time indeed! I haven’t got an inside cupboard door space and no wall space really. Unless my hubby moved out of his space at the end of my space…..I am seriously running out of space now. People come down the stairs and just stand with their mouths open and say things like “my, this could be a shop…”. I tell them it is a shop – mine! I have three desks and no space to use things on them. I am reduced to a small space on the standing desk for most stuff. My computer desk is currently covered with paper piles and the computer. I am feeling the spring cleaning itch so imagine sometime in the next few weeks I will attempt to tidy and vacuum and dust (should that be the other way around????) and generally get ready for the big Christmas push!

    1. Oh my Susan. 3 desks! I have 1 “L” shaped built in space. I can relate to running out of space to create!

      Yes I need to do what I advice my children when they want new clothes – shop in your wardrobe! swap for shop in my cupboard!! My room feels more spacious now I’ve moved things even though I haven’t really got rid of anything. I am resisting the urge to buy a second bookcase – I am trying to live with the boxes of fabric rather than home them into another piece of furniture. If I use them I wont need the second bookcase.

  2. I can see you have been busy, and in a good way. I feel like I can ‘think’ better in an organised (notice I didn’t say tidy wink) space. Although it’s been a little while since I culled and may just have to find some time to do just that soonish. I like the idea of the dies being so visible, and they look great stored like that too!

    1. Thanks. Um there’s a reason only snippets! 😉 it didn’t stay “tidy” for very long!

      I do like the look of the dies like this and I can close the cupboard to stop the visual clutter. Most of my supplies are in white or clear containers & I have white furniture – it just looks more uniform and clean when everything is in its place IMO. A little while back I peeled all the pattern paper I had covered my IKEA boxes with and now I have lightly sanded the white paint underneath. It looks much more “tidy” – no bright patterns trying to get my attention. Sad too say I really didn’t cull much – these things still spark joy when I touch them! 😊 My goal after the tax returns is to finish some (to ambitious today all!) of these half finished projects and play with all the new toys that have found their way to me. 😉

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