After a very long time on the needles this is finished!

This is a throw or afghan for my eldest daughter.  It measures 156 cm x 212 cm.  Now to say I was over it by the time I finished would be an understatement!

You can find the pattern here Bold and Stripy Afghan.

Miss A (14) has also requested a throw.  She has picked the pattern and I have enough yarn from Miss S’s throw earlier in the year – overestimated how much I needed!  I just need a little break before tackling another big project.

I also finished my socks 🧦.


I am really pleased how the stripes are pretty spot on.  This yarn is so clever.

Looking forward to wearing them.  Miss A is modelling for me in the pic above.

I have been using up some bits and pieces on little Premmie hats. One of the lovely ladies from my knitting group is going to pass them onto a local hospital. As a side I am so inspired by this lady. She is 99 (100 next January) still lives independently doing her own shopping, cooking etc and going to the footy! plus a very active member of several community groups. She doesn’t have glasses, hearing aid or walking stick. If I’m lucky enough to be as well as she is I might make a dent in my stash!! 😉


I have used a couple of different patterns for these the link to the smaller one is. here.

I have one more on the needles.  I might try and finish a few more before mid week.  I do have a few card requests on my to do list I need to get onto.

That’s all for today

Thanks for stopping




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