A little summer sewing…


I finally got round to taking pics of my latest sewing. Every time I went to do this at least one of these tops was in the wash or waiting to be pressed!

These are all made from free patterns available at Tessuti fabrics.  I have put links to each pattern under the pics.

This first one I have made twice before in stripes (you can see it here). This time I have made up using a gorgeous soft bamboo cotton Lycra fabric I picked up on a shopping trip for only a few dollars a metre at Darn Cheap Fabrics. It is just beautiful to wear and I remembered to add a couple of centimetres to the length this time. I also added a piece of scrap ribbon to the back so I know where the back is! Ms A thought this was a great idea.


Mandy Boat tee pattern here


This next one I made from fabric a friend gave me.  I actually made a Mandy Boat tee in this fabric however I have worn it out! I like this pattern however next time I must remember to extend the length of the sleeve it is sitting right on the bend of my elbow I would like it just a centimetre or two longer.  I have worn this a few times with white pants and have had compliments before I mention I made it myself.

Our Fave top pattern here


This next one is made using a gorgeous linen fabric I purchased just before Christmas from The Fabric Store.  Yeah the fabric didn’t sit in my stash for very long!  I must admit it does look nicer on than on the hanger – you will just have to take my word on that one!  I have also worn this teamed with white pants and received some nice comments.  When I wore it recently to DFG sewing day one of my friends actually liked it so much she intends to make if for herself.  I will certainly be making this again perhaps in white linen with French seams – I’m not a fan of the seeing the overlocked edge when I roll the sleeve up.  I know I’m being picky but making it myself I can change this.

Athina Top pattern here.


And lastly another top made from fabric from pre Christmas purchase at The Fabric Store sewn with French seams.  I love the fabric however I’m still undecided on how I feel about this finished garment. It just feels too big and boxy not as flowing as I had thought it would.  This would be my choice of fabric not necessarily the pattern.  I feel as it is I need to tuck it in and I just didn’t like look either tucked or not!  I am considering running the seams in a little to see if I like it more.

You can find the Zoe top pattern here

Well the first month of the year has whooshed by already.  Ms A goes back to school this coming week and all her before and after school activities will also be in full swing.  I hope to be back in a day or two with some cards I made recently.  Until then.

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3 thoughts on “A little summer sewing…

  1. Wow! These tops look so comfortable to wear – you’ve done a great job! Thank you for sharing the patterns too – I’ve taken advantage of the free Mandy Boat Tee pattern and have printed the first page, to see if I could get it the right size. It seems I’m OK. Did you print at home, or have it professionally printed? I don’t care about the number of pages, as it seems worth it, if it can be made easily and often! I’m a sewer on occasions too – had to ‘renovate’ a grand daughters school uniform over Christmas, which had a drop waist style, which she felt sat on just the ‘wrong’ spot – took a few hours to take apart and redo, but she was so happy with it! She’s in Brisbane and I’m in Mornington Vic, so I didn’t get to see the result in person, but she sent a photo. A 13 year old, so you’ll appreciate how sensitive they can be!

  2. Thank you Ann. So happy to hear you are going to make your own Mandy Boat Tee. I got hubby to print at work he works in a school office so no fancy printing! I hope you share your new top – I’ll keep an eye out.
    What a challenge to “renovate” your grand daughters uniform when she is in a different state! Senstive teenagers I can definately relate! Recently took Ms A (15) on a day trip to Healesville with Ms E (24) and Ms S (20) and let me say she was not happy it was taking all day cause she had a party to go to!

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