I got it finished…


Popping in today to share the finished quilt.

I did actually finish this last weekend.  It just took me a few days to photograph and then edit the pics.


Looks like a need to give this another press!

These are HST made using the Missouri Star Quilt method beginning with 2 x 5″ squares, sewn around the outer 4 edges and cut into triangles – like sandwiches! Opened, pressed and layout in desired patterns, re-sewn into blocks and then white cotton sashing.  The back is the same yellow as the binding.  I quilted in the ditch around the main blocks. 

I have a goal to learn/be confident to do more than quilt in the ditch one day! I think I’ll save that for a quilt I’m making for me though.  This quilt is going to a friend for her to gift.  I have a few more quilts on the to do list – another for the same friend and 2 for Ms E’s friends.  Ms A has also put in a request for a new quilt (cough cough some time ago!) and I can’t forget the shirts, denium jeans and off cuts from DFG I have been putting aside for more charity quilts.

On another note I hope you are well and continue to be.  It seems over night some people have lost their sense!  When you have a family of 6 plus the extra friends you do look like you are stock piling food just doing a regular shop! – we often have 2 trolleys, a farmer’s market run and a mid week top up as well.  I know I’m not alone I overheard another mum justifying her trolley of food this morning.  



2 thoughts on “I got it finished…

  1. You did it! Only just into March, too – well done Vicki! I love the colours you’ve used and the patterns – you’re a very clever lady!

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