A few finished projects …


The end of a long weekend here. A chance to catch up, finish a project or two and get them photographed.

First up I have a quilt requested by Ms E’s boyfriend to be a gift. Can you guess the parents to be love Star Wars? Hope this new Bub does too.

And a pic of the back.

Over the last few weeks I have been working through DFG scraps, pieces I’ve been gifted and up cycling old jeans into summer quilts. These have no batting or binding they have simply been bagged out and top stitched. They do very in size from pram cover to good size knee or cot covers.

A closer look at some of these.

Narrow stripes which are not usable at DFG paired with light coloured flannel.
Offcuts paired with a pale pink.
Quiet a bit of both these fabrics so a few different combos of this colour scheme.
The red tomato print was gifted to me a little while ago and it finally found a home being paired with narrow red spotted fabric which was an off cut.
I like the combination of worn denim and flannel.
More worn denim this time with space ships.

These quilts (16 in total) are going back to DFG for them to raffle, auction or pass onto to those in need whether that be within DFG or another charity.

Thanks for making it to the end!

Until next time 






9 thoughts on “A few finished projects …

  1. Wow Vicki you have been busy, love the Star Wars quilt! The worn jeans look really good sewn into quilts, one day I want to make a quilt out of old jean scraps.

  2. Very impressive there Vicki! The Star Wars quilt is yet another heirloom piece and your warm flannel and denim will be so appreciated by whoever is lucky enough to get one. Who/what is DFG if you don’t mind my asking?

  3. Thanks Dianne. It’s like the shirts – there is nothing to loose! I’m sure you will do it one day. One pair of these were maternity jeans ummm they have been waiting for a decade and a half to be cut!!

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