I finished….



Popping in to share a few projects I have finished this week.


First up I have my first trunk show elephants.  I used Jodie Carleton’s Trunk show pattern here.  This pattern comes with 3 trunk variations so I will be trying out the other variations next time. I see many more elephants in the future.  

Next I have a small herd of dinosaurs which have gone off to find their forever homes.

and some baby pants and beanies!

These pants grow with bub by folding the waistband/leg cuffs up or down! I love the dinosaur print fabric.  I was trying to use fabrics other than stripes!  I’d love to know your favourite.

This knitting project is for the next member of the family due in August.  This will be the second bub for my husband’s nephew.  When the first bub arrived I made a grey and white quilt so seeing I had overestimated how much grey yarn I needed for another project I thought this was a perfect match!  The pattern is habitation throw by Curious handmade here.  This is my second habitaton throw and I am pretty sure I will knit this again.  It’s a great pattern to do watching tv or reading a book after work or on my lunch break.  Yes I take my knitting to work and do a few rows at lunch time if I am staying in the office.

another pic. the throw measures around 90 cm x  93 cm

Earlier in the week Ms 20 came home from Uni saying she needed to wear a mask from now on or she wouldn’t be able to attend.  So I made a few when I got home from work keeping in mind they are required to be changed often during the day.  I used the Burda pattern here

this pattern has an opening to fit the middle layer which is the filter.

Then some more….

This pic was pre elastic.

And today we were informed masks will now be mandatory from this coming Wednesday at midnight.  So Ms 15 helped me cut, I sewed, Ms 24 ironed, Ms 24’s boyfriend helped turn, Ms 20 cut elastic. Then they all threaded and sewed elastic even hubby.  

Now I know there are alot of masks here you do need to remember these are for 7 people and we all leave the house at some point during the week.  Most of us are still required to work outside the home, go to uni and even Ms 15 who is home schooling will need one when she goes for a walk and we will need a few each each day.

again pre elastic!

It was rather funny this afternoon when hubby said “do you have any blue fabric?” cough cough yes! Even Ms 24 found some sparkly heart fabric and some matching sparkly elastic I had left from another project.

Like most sewers I buy fabric I love sometimes not really knowing what I will do with it other times I have a particular project in mind and then it sits because by the time I get to the project I no longer love the fabric! Oh it is the same for my pattern paper and yarn to.  🙂 Most of the fabric we used for these masks was destined to be a quilt or a stuffed toy.  I figure when I have exhausted my stash I will have an excuse to go shopping in a bricks and mortar shop.  Fortunately at this time we find ourselves I can shop in my stash or upcycle something without a trip to the shops.  

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Until next time stay safe




6 thoughts on “I finished….

  1. You go GF. These are all so wonderful and the fact that you can just whip up masks like that makes you a star! Sending safe wishes to you and your family x

  2. My heavens, Vicki! I feel like an absolute sloth after reading this post! Your ellies and dinos are so adorable and so are the little baby pants and beanies! I love them all, stripes, flowers, dinos = cute! And how great that they are actually practical and the baby can wear the pants longer than two weeks! Well done, too, to the whole family on pitching in and making a bazillion masks to get you through the pandemic! I fear it is going to be many months yet and this is definitely a test of patience, but we can do it! It won’t last forever and we are living through history. I see us in care homes decades from now remembering “The Pandemic of 2020!” Keep well! Hugs, Darnell

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