Stone Fields…


How are things going in your part of the world?  We are ticking along in Melbourne’s Stage 4 lockdown.

I recently finished this knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills Tweed colour Dark Night using Drops pattern Stone Fields.  I had to wait patiently while the wet blocking dried.  And you know what it is spring and the sun had been shining! The next couple of days may be cool enough for me to wear this.  You can find a link to the pattern on my ravelry page here.

The kids old play mats are very handy for blocking knits!

I have something else already on my needles.  If nothing else I might use up some stash! No that really is going to take a very long time.  I have been supporting Melbourne businesses while in lockdown and purchasing more fabric – not that I really need any! No yarn though I haven’t purchased any yarn since last year.  Stamps/dies/paper are always being topped up too! 😉

Love the way my my fabric purchases came all wrapped up like a present.

Until next time

Stay safe and well




4 thoughts on “Stone Fields…

  1. Glad you’re doing OK in lockdown Vicki – as we are! I might share my crochet rugs on my blog later – I made them for the two grand daughters in Brisbane – not that they really ‘need’ them, but they wanted them! I was happy to go along with the request, as we miss them so much. Your jumper will always be useful here in Melbourne – and thank you for explaining the blocking technique – I wasn’t sure what it meant when mentioned on the Yarn Wars Free Knit group I’ve joined recently. I’m thinking your lovely thank you presentation would make a great card front – you only need a suitably sized oval to replace the message! Keep well, xx

    1. Thanks Ann. I found a fabulous youtube video showing how to wet block. The first time I have blocked properly! I usually just steam the edges 😦 and I have been knitting for as long as I can remember. The blocking really made a difference to this knit. I’ll keep an eye on your blog for the rugs. I was hoping to spend some time learning more than a treble crochet stitch but I haven’t got round to it yet! Yes that is such a pretty thank you I may reuse it when I get tired of looking at it 🙂

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