A birthday card or 4!


Sorry it has been so long between posts!

I feel we have gone from doing very little to 100% since coming out of stage 4 lockdown. My 3 girls all celebrated a significant birthday in the first week of December!

We began with a 21st which was celebrated at home with 15 friends – that maximum allowed at the time.
Then a 16th – to be celebrated this week with 22 friends now restrictions on gatherings at home have eased a little.
Then the 25th which my daughter celebrated at a local wine bar and I tagged along!
And lastly this card was for a friend’s daughter’s birthday which happens to fall at the same time as my girls.

I used SU Healing Hugs, and Beautiful Friendship for the floral images. The sentiment is from Concord and 9th Happy Day and the numbers were die cut from foil card stocking using SU – Large Numbers die.

I do have some news, I was unexpectedly offered a new job last week. I was not even thinking of looking for a new position. Some one I know phoned me out of the blue and offered me a great opportunity to work locally – like so close I can walk! – how could I say no? So what did I do? I resigned from my current position which I will finish before Christmas and then have a break and start the new position in mid January. It is going to be a learning curve for me as many of the tasks I will be performing I haven’t done for a long time or before.

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6 thoughts on “A birthday card or 4!

  1. Your cards are all beautiful Vicki, and so interesting to read the time line of the restrictions and what your could and couldn’t do… it has not been a very ‘fair’ year this year. I am so very happy to hear about your new job opportunity, it will be lovely not to have to travel in to work which always means more ‘crafty time’ in my books lol.

    1. Thanks Therese. Our restrictions have been “interesting”!

      The new job is going to be a learning curve, not sure I will get more crafty time more likely more time to chauffer Ms 16 around! Hey if I have to wait for her to do an activity that may equal more crafty time!! 🙂

  2. Lovely to hear your latest news Vicki – what a year it has been, but it seems it has ended well for you with a job so local – and no doubt interesting, as you work your way through the challenges a new job always brings! Best of luck with it! Your feminine birthday cards are all beautiful – and the timing with some restrictions lifted was very fortunate for your girls. I have been worried for the young people this year, as we know how important socialising is for them, so for your girls to have been able to at least have a few friends to celebrate with, was very special. It will be a year to remember, for sure, though I’m not sure I’ll want to remember much of it. Crafting – crochet and card making – have been a saviour for me, and my wonderfully patient husband too of course – we are happy to be through it and looking forward to 2/3 of our family joining us for Christmas. The Brisbane family we haven’t seen since last November, but are hoping to visit in a few months’ time. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a truly awesome 2021!

    1. Thank you Ann. The girls have been very lucky with the timing. I must add they are all making up for the time spent in ISO meeting up as much as possible! It is great you will be able to see your family after so long. I hope the borders stay open for you. I too agree much of 2020 is not worth remembering and am very grateful for my hobbies and interests.

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