Unstampabelles Challenge #113; Art and all that Jazz TWIST is make it multi media


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Art and all that Jazz   

The TWIST is to make it a multi media piece of workmul·ti·me·di·a(mŭl′tē-mē′dē-ə, -tī-)The combined use of mediaOROf or relating to the combined use of several media: a multimedia installation at the art gallery.

Now, techniquely  any piece of multi media is ART so the twist is done along with the theme! However, you can create with whatever art you are into: music, painting, carving, writing, drawing, making stuff…………….the art of craft……….. as long as you don’t use stamps and it is paper craft related…….

PS: You don’t have to incorporate jazz into it either but if you want to….let it rip!

I don’t consider multi media my strong point. I rather think I don’t like to get too messy! and really like things a little organised and precise! But hey that is what challenges are suppose to be about – challenging out of our comfort zone!

I used a background I created a few weeks ago with a stencil and paste coloured with ink. I added a die cut sentiment from glitter card stock and die cut guitars – my jazzy theme! I then added stome black enamel accents and black sequins. I may have gone slightly overboard with the enamel accents!

I hope you have a go at this challenge even if it is ou of your comfort zone like me!

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4 thoughts on “Unstampabelles Challenge #113; Art and all that Jazz TWIST is make it multi media

  1. Love your mixed media CAS design Vicki, I’m the same, I struggle with the ‘messy’ but it doesn’t have to be lol.

  2. Nice card! I like to dabble in mixed media also…but not get too messy! Came from the Unstampabelle’s blogger to see how your card was made. Thanks for sharing.

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