Recent Makes…


Popping by to share some makes I have recently finished

Hermonie’s Everday socks using Bendigo Woolleen Mills multi sock yarn

Grow with me baby pants and hats. We have a few new babies coming along.
Ana jumper made for my eldest again using Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn
Weir in BWM
PJ shorts for Miss 21. Great to shop my stash to put these together. The pink fabric is very very old! I believe I purchased some 25+ years ago. Um showing my age too.
It’s one of Ms 21’s friend’s birthdays this weekend and now her friend has seen these on instagram I need to make some more! Lucky I had some fabric and there is a spotlight doing click and collect just up the road as I ran out of elastic.

I have another project on my needles and a few cards I haven’t shared.

Putting this post together was great to reflect back on, I didn’t think I had been doing much other than going to work, how wrong I have been.

Thanks for stoping




4 thoughts on “Recent Makes…

  1. Your makes are stunning Vicki! Funny that you think you are not doing much other than going to work – but aren’t we lucky that we can do ‘something’ productive, even when we are so restricted in other ways. I would like to share some of my crochet projects with you, as seeing your work has prompted me to pick up after many years of concentrating on card making and leaving my other interests out in the dark. I can’t see how to add them to this post so I’ll post them on my hardly used blog if you care to look there. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the idea that has really helped a lot over this past year or so. Best wishes to you and yours x

    1. Hello Ann. Thank you for your kind words. I never thought of myself as being that inspiring! So glad you have found my little old blog and chats so helpful. I certainly will be visiting your blog.

      1. Of course you wouldn’t Vicki, but you certainly are! Always positive and always looking outward – that is inspiring to me!

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