A little update on what I’ve been upto


Just thought I would pop in and share a few recent finished projects before I start the next one!

A bunch of finished cards – I had coloured for what seemed like ages so it was good to colour again.

A finished quilt as you go upcycled HST shirt quilt

and the reverse.

I love the extra texture with more quilting lines.

One sock down! However I have developed second sock syndrome 😉
A special 80th Birthday card for a special lady from my Days for Girls Group who had a birthday last week. With the news today she will be able to celebrate now.
Pirate pants made from a singlet top. The mum wanted some pants to make a complete outfit and with shops closed the only matching fabric was a singlet!
In this pic bub is wearing a cloth nappy, is 4 weeks old and around 3.8kg.

and of course a matching head band!

Until next time




9 thoughts on “A little update on what I’ve been upto

  1. Cards are amazing, love the quilts and those pirate pants are sweet too. Good news today for you all. Hope the numbers come down quickly too.

    1. Thanks Therese. You know me, better to be busy than bored! This sock pattern requires a fair bit of concentration and is not one I can do while reading so I am really struggling with starting the second sock – I will get over it at some point. As much as I love the lace and cables in sock patterns no one sees them but me! 🙂

      This is a pretty acurate definition I found on google!

      “The Second Sock Syndrome is a widespread phenomenon. It is characterized by the fact that the second sock of a pair takes much longer to complete than the first sock did – or that the second sock isn’t even started. … When the first sock is finished, the motivation to begin or finish the second sock has often dwindled.”

  2. Your stash of completed cards are so fresh and bright – love them. Your quilts are works of art – well done Vicki! Your sweet baby pants are gorgeous – well done on using ingenuity to colour match perfectly! Great work – all of it!

  3. When you go MIA, you really make me look like a sloth, Vicki! What you have accomplished leaves me out of breath, as does your enormous talent for coloring, card, quilt and sewing artistry! Enjoy your release and make the most of it! Thanks for the visit! Hugs, Darnell

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