A few finished projects…


Popping in to share a few projects I finished recently. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have already seen these.

First up is the cutiest Pirate. This pattern is from Jodie RicRacSews purchased recently from Bella’s Patchwork

Here he is without his eye patch!

Still deciding whether to put buttons or stitching down the middle of his body.

After attending the quilt show earlier in the year I decided I wanted to make a fabric book. Well the stars aligned and Patchwork with Gail were open one Sunday a few months back so off I went!

On that trip I also picked up a Ava and Oliphont panel from the Circus range, also by Jodie. One of the first quilts I made included fabric from that range.

On a recent charity shop visit I picked up some merino yarn which was too good to leave behind. I was looking for tea towels and doilys and got distracted.

Simple raglan jumper is from a vintage Sirdar pattern Sunshine Series 284 and the hat is Vanessa Ewing Basic Beginner Hat 2×2 rib brim.

More knitting – this time a premie knit for charity

And back to sewing – Christmas isn’t that far

This is my first ever hand pieced quilt. I began stitching the hexies and the grandmother’s garden pattern way back in January 2017! Most of the fabric is left over from other projects.

The Grandmother’s garden blocks are joined with white hexies, some with self print.

This quilt measures 150x178cm. This was quilted on my domestic machine in a diamond pattern.

The back is a lovely floral. I finished with yellow binding – it seemed a nice happy colour to go with all the colours in the top and the backing.

Well I think that’s enough for today!

I do have some cards to share but I will do that another day!

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4 thoughts on “A few finished projects…

  1. I stopped mid comment, so may have deleted my first few lines – but well done on your amazing variety of makes! The Patchwork Pirate is gorgeous, the knitting is fab – I’ve already downloaded the premmie wrap (I have made many crochet caps for little babies as we are friends with a guy in NICU who happily accepted them ) – and the Christmas stocking is always handy. Your patchwork quilt is so pretty! Well done Vicki! I can imagine how satisfied with your projects you must feel, especially the quilt, as it has been waiting to be finished.

    1. Hi Ann. Thank you. It really was satisfying to see the quilt finished – I do intend to make another though! Glad it was worth putting the link up for the premmie wrap. I joined an online knitting/crochet group which has differnet charity collections each month. It is amazing how many things are requested/needed in Australia. I have sent things to NICU before too. Would love to see some of your crochet projects.

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