A few finished projects…


Popping in to share a few projects I finished recently. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have already seen these.

First up is the cutiest Pirate. This pattern is from Jodie RicRacSews purchased recently from Bella’s Patchwork

Here he is without his eye patch!

Still deciding whether to put buttons or stitching down the middle of his body.

After attending the quilt show earlier in the year I decided I wanted to make a fabric book. Well the stars aligned and Patchwork with Gail were open one Sunday a few months back so off I went!

On that trip I also picked up a Ava and Oliphont panel from the Circus range, also by Jodie. One of the first quilts I made included fabric from that range.

On a recent charity shop visit I picked up some merino yarn which was too good to leave behind. I was looking for tea towels and doilys and got distracted.

Simple raglan jumper is from a vintage Sirdar pattern Sunshine Series 284 and the hat is Vanessa Ewing Basic Beginner Hat 2×2 rib brim.

More knitting – this time a premie knit for charity

And back to sewing – Christmas isn’t that far

This is my first ever hand pieced quilt. I began stitching the hexies and the grandmother’s garden pattern way back in January 2017! Most of the fabric is left over from other projects.

The Grandmother’s garden blocks are joined with white hexies, some with self print.

This quilt measures 150x178cm. This was quilted on my domestic machine in a diamond pattern.

The back is a lovely floral. I finished with yellow binding – it seemed a nice happy colour to go with all the colours in the top and the backing.

Well I think that’s enough for today!

I do have some cards to share but I will do that another day!

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A little update on what I’ve been upto


Just thought I would pop in and share a few recent finished projects before I start the next one!

A bunch of finished cards – I had coloured for what seemed like ages so it was good to colour again.

A finished quilt as you go upcycled HST shirt quilt

and the reverse.

I love the extra texture with more quilting lines.

One sock down! However I have developed second sock syndrome 😉
A special 80th Birthday card for a special lady from my Days for Girls Group who had a birthday last week. With the news today she will be able to celebrate now.
Pirate pants made from a singlet top. The mum wanted some pants to make a complete outfit and with shops closed the only matching fabric was a singlet!
In this pic bub is wearing a cloth nappy, is 4 weeks old and around 3.8kg.

and of course a matching head band!

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Recent Makes…


Popping by to share some makes I have recently finished

Hermonie’s Everday socks using Bendigo Woolleen Mills multi sock yarn

Grow with me baby pants and hats. We have a few new babies coming along.
Ana jumper made for my eldest again using Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn
Weir in BWM
PJ shorts for Miss 21. Great to shop my stash to put these together. The pink fabric is very very old! I believe I purchased some 25+ years ago. Um showing my age too.
It’s one of Ms 21’s friend’s birthdays this weekend and now her friend has seen these on instagram I need to make some more! Lucky I had some fabric and there is a spotlight doing click and collect just up the road as I ran out of elastic.

I have another project on my needles and a few cards I haven’t shared.

Putting this post together was great to reflect back on, I didn’t think I had been doing much other than going to work, how wrong I have been.

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A couple of finished projects…



Just popping in to share a couple of projects I have finished off this week. 

This is a free pattern Cozy Triangles here

I used 2 strands of yarn together cause I thought it would be a quick knit that way.

The yarn is an acrylic yarn left over from another project – and yes I still have some left!  I seriously overestimated the amount I needed for the first project.

another close up of the pattern

Miss A is very happy with it. Thankfully!

My next project was started and finished in the same week.  Amazing!

I purchased Shelly Down’s Gingermelons Embroidered animals book a few months ago.  I had wanted to try making a doll which was easy for a toddler or small child to carry around. This doll does fit the criteria.  Next time I will alter the method a little as I felt there was far to much hand sewing of ears and limbs to the body – I’m sure the method can be tweaked to sew into the seams.

Here is my finished doll.  She isn’t perfect.  My embroidery is a little rusty and as mentioned above I will change how I sew her together next time.


Hope you are all going well.

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Hello 2020


Happy 2020!

Thought I would pop in and say hi before the first month of the year has totally whooshed by me!

Hope you have all got off to a great start.

Now I do have a little something to share.

this was Ms E’s boyfriends Christmas present. Sadly I did not complete in time for Christmas and it won’t be needed here for some time. I did start in November but combination of things meant it wasn’t completed in time for the big day. He did receive a gift card with a snip of yarn 🧶 and “IOU WIP”. Funny he thought I owed him a whip! 😧 I’ll just leave that there 😉

Now I know many of you live in fire prone areas of Australia. I hope you are all staying safe there is still loads of summer to go!  I feel for those we have lost homes and loved ones.

Now onto a brighter note my Christmas parcels have started to arrive I have a very large mountain ⛰ of new toys to play with. I am hoping my MOJO for card making will return soon.



Edit: You can find the pattern for the beanie and scarf on Ravelry here  

and my Project page here



After a very long time on the needles this is finished!

This is a throw or afghan for my eldest daughter.  It measures 156 cm x 212 cm.  Now to say I was over it by the time I finished would be an understatement!

You can find the pattern here Bold and Stripy Afghan.

Miss A (14) has also requested a throw.  She has picked the pattern and I have enough yarn from Miss S’s throw earlier in the year – overestimated how much I needed!  I just need a little break before tackling another big project.

I also finished my socks 🧦.


I am really pleased how the stripes are pretty spot on.  This yarn is so clever.

Looking forward to wearing them.  Miss A is modelling for me in the pic above.

I have been using up some bits and pieces on little Premmie hats. One of the lovely ladies from my knitting group is going to pass them onto a local hospital. As a side I am so inspired by this lady. She is 99 (100 next January) still lives independently doing her own shopping, cooking etc and going to the footy! plus a very active member of several community groups. She doesn’t have glasses, hearing aid or walking stick. If I’m lucky enough to be as well as she is I might make a dent in my stash!! 😉


I have used a couple of different patterns for these the link to the smaller one is. here.

I have one more on the needles.  I might try and finish a few more before mid week.  I do have a few card requests on my to do list I need to get onto.

That’s all for today

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