Something different to share…

This is a little different to my usual posts.

A little while ago I joined The Soup.

What is “The Soup”?

“Soup is for people who love trying new things, sharing their opinions and are interested in shaping the future of brands and products.” – from their site.

Well this week my very first soup parcel arrived.  My box contained several packets of Lucky Easy Chef Oven Roasted Almond Meal and Lucky Easy Chef Almond Crumble.  My family has been experimenting with the new products. Miss 12 made an apple crumble and the topping came together really quickly. I have made 2 dishes with the roasted almond meal. This is a pic of the chicken thighs I coated last night with roughly 50/50 oven roasted almond meal and parmesan cheese.

The roasted almond meal is used just like bread crumbs – but tastes so much better and the smell when cooking is fantastic.

Just thought I’d share with you all.  I know I am no Jamie or Nigela – but my family seem to be thriving.

Hope to get back with something more along more normal posts in the next few days – a couple of things on my to do list first.

I still have a few unfinished dance costumes! Knocked a couple off earlier today – no activities this weekend. It is an unofficial long weekend in Melbourne. All getting ready for that race that stops a Nation.

Hope your enjoying your weekend – where ever you are

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