My poor neglected blog followers.  I am sorry for lack of posts! No plausable excuse for my lack of posts and lack of comments on other blogs.

Warning long catch up post!

Today I am popping in to share a jumper I finished a few weeks ago and has taken me months to complete! If the weather stays how it has been the last few days I might get to wear it before next winter 🙂

Excuse the silly pose I was acting up for Ms 13.

I have created a few cards including sympathy cards that unfortunately went out the door faster than I could take a pic of them.  The kiddos have mostly been using my stash cards and I have added a sentiment or die cut number appropriate for the recipient. Mr M has requested “21” on all sorts of cards including a baby card! I recently sent some of last years Christmas card makes to Aussie Farmers I saw a collection for on Facebook.

Recent requested 21st cards
another view

I have also been busy sewing.  Continuing on with my contributions to Days for Girls and also a few presents.  These were a recent 1st Birthday gift.

Pinafore Leggins Unicorn PJ’sSomething to cuddle

In early November I decided to start a new quilt for an upcoming December Birthday. None of the quilts in my stash were suitable! I’ll share pics of that when it is completed – it is a secret project.

I am not going to make promises about regular posts from now til post Christmas there is loads on the calender. Between now and mid January my 4 kiddos have a birthday + 2 of their partners – 6 birthdays in about 6 weeks including two 21st’s.  We had one last week too.  We will also be hosting Christmas lunch. Ms 18 is squeezing in a 2 week trip to USA.  I wish I could get her to do some crafty shopping for me 🙂  She is in the first group of Victoria University students ever to go to NASA.  And to top it off my boss would like me to work full time so I have declined the offer and am busy job hunting again. Just quietly I would be happy staying in my craft room.

Many of my regular readers may be familiar with my December/Christmas calender – we will survive the silly season.  I hope you don’t feel to exhausted reading some of the things on my calender for the next few weeks. It will be OK. I have learnt over the years it is OK to say no.

Until next time






A little creative catch up…



When I posted yesterday I realised I had a few other creations I hadn’t shared. So here they are.

A recent 21st card for a Tigers fan

I used My Cute Stamps circus animals and SSS stitched circles dies along with SU Large numbers.

A planter box for a another significant birthday – this time for one of my walking/book club friends who happens to love gardening.

I used Bronwyn Eastley’s pattern here along with various SU stamps and dies.

A Unicorn card – a special request.

This time I used Jane’s Doodles and SU Beautiful Bouquet stamps & dies.

A little error here the kiddos also requested a unicorn card for this girl last year for her birthday and you guessed correct I used Jane’s Doodles Unicorn stamp set for the same girl’s card last year. (Insert embarassed face).  When I looked back at last years card it only had one unicorn so hopefully significantly different.  Needless to say next year I’ll either have to invest in a new unicorn stamp set or make another style of card.

Lastly an update on my Bernate Hi Lo Jumper.

Almost finished the front!

I have another request from the family and a pile of mending so I will get on with that in the coming days.

Until next time



Crafty update…


A little dark, wet and cold here in Melbourne today.  A good day for snuggling up inside.

Here is a little update on my crafty pursuits – cause you know I have been creating a little just haven’t shared!

Firstly the back of my Bernat Hi Lo Jumper.  I have started the front however there isn’t much past the cast on to share just yet.

This is a pic of what I hope it looks like when I am done 🙂

You can find the pattern here


I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills Savanna Fog its 30% Alpaca and 70% wool so should keep me nice and toasty warm when I get it finished (fingers crossed before the end of winter!).

This is an update on my hexie hand pieced quilt.  I started making hexies a couple of summers ago as a summer project.  It gets worked on from time to time but as there is no finish date I am just working on it when I feel.  I am using scraps from some of my other quilts and off cuts along with new purchased fat quarters.  I purchased a hexie die so I can cut my own papers from cardstock.  I played with placement of the Grandmothers garden but decided they needed white to help tie them together.  The colours didn’t seem to fight each other as much this way.  This is a long term project and most likely a never ending line of hexies!

That’s all for now.

Off to tidy my craft room because I need to make some space on the desk before I can make a 21st card for tomorrow and a 50th Birthday card for next week.

See you next time