A few finished projects…


Popping in to share a few projects I finished recently. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have already seen these.

First up is the cutiest Pirate. This pattern is from Jodie RicRacSews purchased recently from Bella’s Patchwork

Here he is without his eye patch!

Still deciding whether to put buttons or stitching down the middle of his body.

After attending the quilt show earlier in the year I decided I wanted to make a fabric book. Well the stars aligned and Patchwork with Gail were open one Sunday a few months back so off I went!

On that trip I also picked up a Ava and Oliphont panel from the Circus range, also by Jodie. One of the first quilts I made included fabric from that range.

On a recent charity shop visit I picked up some merino yarn which was too good to leave behind. I was looking for tea towels and doilys and got distracted.

Simple raglan jumper is from a vintage Sirdar pattern Sunshine Series 284 and the hat is Vanessa Ewing Basic Beginner Hat 2×2 rib brim.

More knitting – this time a premie knit for charity

And back to sewing – Christmas isn’t that far

This is my first ever hand pieced quilt. I began stitching the hexies and the grandmother’s garden pattern way back in January 2017! Most of the fabric is left over from other projects.

The Grandmother’s garden blocks are joined with white hexies, some with self print.

This quilt measures 150x178cm. This was quilted on my domestic machine in a diamond pattern.

The back is a lovely floral. I finished with yellow binding – it seemed a nice happy colour to go with all the colours in the top and the backing.

Well I think that’s enough for today!

I do have some cards to share but I will do that another day!

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Crafty update…


A little dark, wet and cold here in Melbourne today.  A good day for snuggling up inside.

Here is a little update on my crafty pursuits – cause you know I have been creating a little just haven’t shared!

Firstly the back of my Bernat Hi Lo Jumper.  I have started the front however there isn’t much past the cast on to share just yet.

This is a pic of what I hope it looks like when I am done 🙂

You can find the pattern here


I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills Savanna Fog its 30% Alpaca and 70% wool so should keep me nice and toasty warm when I get it finished (fingers crossed before the end of winter!).

This is an update on my hexie hand pieced quilt.  I started making hexies a couple of summers ago as a summer project.  It gets worked on from time to time but as there is no finish date I am just working on it when I feel.  I am using scraps from some of my other quilts and off cuts along with new purchased fat quarters.  I purchased a hexie die so I can cut my own papers from cardstock.  I played with placement of the Grandmothers garden but decided they needed white to help tie them together.  The colours didn’t seem to fight each other as much this way.  This is a long term project and most likely a never ending line of hexies!

That’s all for now.

Off to tidy my craft room because I need to make some space on the desk before I can make a 21st card for tomorrow and a 50th Birthday card for next week.

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More hexies…


Hope your week has been good.

Poppin in to share an update on my long term project – Hexies.

Hexies templates cut from some old cs.


Hexies ready to be joned together


My little pile is growing!


All Laid out.

I have not started sewing these together yet.  Not sure I will use all these Grandmother’s garden hexies in the same project.  My plan is to balance brights and pastels with prints and plains. This could be a never ending project!


Another update.

I decided not to paint my find.  The paint colour matched my walls!





With some of my other punches.


I also have a little set of drawers with CARL punches which were my late mother’s.  I kept them for the children to use in projects. I could say her stash of punches are one of the things which got me started on my paper craft journey along with a demonstation at a neighbours house. I am hoping now they are in easy reach they will get a lot more love.  Embarassed to say some of these have had very little love at all although Ms A does use them for her paper crafts and school projects.

On another note Uni goes back for Mr M this week and the last of the after school sports starts. Lets hope I can get into a routine and find some time to enter a few of my favourite challenges.

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