A few finished projects…


Popping in to share a few projects I finished recently. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have already seen these.

First up is the cutiest Pirate. This pattern is from Jodie RicRacSews purchased recently from Bella’s Patchwork

Here he is without his eye patch!

Still deciding whether to put buttons or stitching down the middle of his body.

After attending the quilt show earlier in the year I decided I wanted to make a fabric book. Well the stars aligned and Patchwork with Gail were open one Sunday a few months back so off I went!

On that trip I also picked up a Ava and Oliphont panel from the Circus range, also by Jodie. One of the first quilts I made included fabric from that range.

On a recent charity shop visit I picked up some merino yarn which was too good to leave behind. I was looking for tea towels and doilys and got distracted.

Simple raglan jumper is from a vintage Sirdar pattern Sunshine Series 284 and the hat is Vanessa Ewing Basic Beginner Hat 2×2 rib brim.

More knitting – this time a premie knit for charity

And back to sewing – Christmas isn’t that far

This is my first ever hand pieced quilt. I began stitching the hexies and the grandmother’s garden pattern way back in January 2017! Most of the fabric is left over from other projects.

The Grandmother’s garden blocks are joined with white hexies, some with self print.

This quilt measures 150x178cm. This was quilted on my domestic machine in a diamond pattern.

The back is a lovely floral. I finished with yellow binding – it seemed a nice happy colour to go with all the colours in the top and the backing.

Well I think that’s enough for today!

I do have some cards to share but I will do that another day!

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WIP Upcycled Quilt as you go…


Popping in to share an update on my latest quilting project.

I started this project with 23 mens business shirts. I used the sleeves of 20 shirts to make 1/2 square triangle blocks. I have used approximately 2/3 of them to make these 16 blocks. I then used 8 shirt backs to back these blocks in quilt as you go style. The next step is to make the sashing and join the blocks.

The batting is 100% cotton not large enough for a quilt without joining so perfect for this style of quilting.

Until next time



Another finished quilt…


Today I have another finished quilt to share.


This is a 9 block HST (Half Square Triangle) Quilt once again with white sashing, backing is cream with all over grey star pattern and finished with mint binding.

I completed this quilt pretty quickly from start to delivery.  It took me less than a week and I worked 3 full days in my day job.  The lack of after school/sport committments has made a difference in the volume of washing alone!

This quilt may look familar to some.  My friend asked me to make the same as this one here

What a difference colour can make!

I played the equivalent of yarn chicken with the binding.  I had 0.5cm left!  

I hope you and yours continue to be safe and well.

Until next time



I got it finished…


Popping in today to share the finished quilt.

I did actually finish this last weekend.  It just took me a few days to photograph and then edit the pics.


Looks like a need to give this another press!

These are HST made using the Missouri Star Quilt method beginning with 2 x 5″ squares, sewn around the outer 4 edges and cut into triangles – like sandwiches! Opened, pressed and layout in desired patterns, re-sewn into blocks and then white cotton sashing.  The back is the same yellow as the binding.  I quilted in the ditch around the main blocks. 

I have a goal to learn/be confident to do more than quilt in the ditch one day! I think I’ll save that for a quilt I’m making for me though.  This quilt is going to a friend for her to gift.  I have a few more quilts on the to do list – another for the same friend and 2 for Ms E’s friends.  Ms A has also put in a request for a new quilt (cough cough some time ago!) and I can’t forget the shirts, denium jeans and off cuts from DFG I have been putting aside for more charity quilts.

On another note I hope you are well and continue to be.  It seems over night some people have lost their sense!  When you have a family of 6 plus the extra friends you do look like you are stock piling food just doing a regular shop! – we often have 2 trolleys, a farmer’s market run and a mid week top up as well.  I know I’m not alone I overheard another mum justifying her trolley of food this morning.