A few finished projects…


Popping in to share a few projects I finished recently. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have already seen these.

First up is the cutiest Pirate. This pattern is from Jodie RicRacSews purchased recently from Bella’s Patchwork

Here he is without his eye patch!

Still deciding whether to put buttons or stitching down the middle of his body.

After attending the quilt show earlier in the year I decided I wanted to make a fabric book. Well the stars aligned and Patchwork with Gail were open one Sunday a few months back so off I went!

On that trip I also picked up a Ava and Oliphont panel from the Circus range, also by Jodie. One of the first quilts I made included fabric from that range.

On a recent charity shop visit I picked up some merino yarn which was too good to leave behind. I was looking for tea towels and doilys and got distracted.

Simple raglan jumper is from a vintage Sirdar pattern Sunshine Series 284 and the hat is Vanessa Ewing Basic Beginner Hat 2×2 rib brim.

More knitting – this time a premie knit for charity

And back to sewing – Christmas isn’t that far

This is my first ever hand pieced quilt. I began stitching the hexies and the grandmother’s garden pattern way back in January 2017! Most of the fabric is left over from other projects.

The Grandmother’s garden blocks are joined with white hexies, some with self print.

This quilt measures 150x178cm. This was quilted on my domestic machine in a diamond pattern.

The back is a lovely floral. I finished with yellow binding – it seemed a nice happy colour to go with all the colours in the top and the backing.

Well I think that’s enough for today!

I do have some cards to share but I will do that another day!

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A couple of finished projects…



Just popping in to share a couple of projects I have finished off this week. 

This is a free pattern Cozy Triangles here

I used 2 strands of yarn together cause I thought it would be a quick knit that way.

The yarn is an acrylic yarn left over from another project – and yes I still have some left!  I seriously overestimated the amount I needed for the first project.

another close up of the pattern

Miss A is very happy with it. Thankfully!

My next project was started and finished in the same week.  Amazing!

I purchased Shelly Down’s Gingermelons Embroidered animals book a few months ago.  I had wanted to try making a doll which was easy for a toddler or small child to carry around. This doll does fit the criteria.  Next time I will alter the method a little as I felt there was far to much hand sewing of ears and limbs to the body – I’m sure the method can be tweaked to sew into the seams.

Here is my finished doll.  She isn’t perfect.  My embroidery is a little rusty and as mentioned above I will change how I sew her together next time.


Hope you are all going well.

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A little summer sewing…


I finally got round to taking pics of my latest sewing. Every time I went to do this at least one of these tops was in the wash or waiting to be pressed!

These are all made from free patterns available at Tessuti fabrics.  I have put links to each pattern under the pics.

This first one I have made twice before in stripes (you can see it here). This time I have made up using a gorgeous soft bamboo cotton Lycra fabric I picked up on a shopping trip for only a few dollars a metre at Darn Cheap Fabrics. It is just beautiful to wear and I remembered to add a couple of centimetres to the length this time. I also added a piece of scrap ribbon to the back so I know where the back is! Ms A thought this was a great idea.


Mandy Boat tee pattern here


This next one I made from fabric a friend gave me.  I actually made a Mandy Boat tee in this fabric however I have worn it out! I like this pattern however next time I must remember to extend the length of the sleeve it is sitting right on the bend of my elbow I would like it just a centimetre or two longer.  I have worn this a few times with white pants and have had compliments before I mention I made it myself.

Our Fave top pattern here


This next one is made using a gorgeous linen fabric I purchased just before Christmas from The Fabric Store.  Yeah the fabric didn’t sit in my stash for very long!  I must admit it does look nicer on than on the hanger – you will just have to take my word on that one!  I have also worn this teamed with white pants and received some nice comments.  When I wore it recently to DFG sewing day one of my friends actually liked it so much she intends to make if for herself.  I will certainly be making this again perhaps in white linen with French seams – I’m not a fan of the seeing the overlocked edge when I roll the sleeve up.  I know I’m being picky but making it myself I can change this.

Athina Top pattern here.


And lastly another top made from fabric from pre Christmas purchase at The Fabric Store sewn with French seams.  I love the fabric however I’m still undecided on how I feel about this finished garment. It just feels too big and boxy not as flowing as I had thought it would.  This would be my choice of fabric not necessarily the pattern.  I feel as it is I need to tuck it in and I just didn’t like look either tucked or not!  I am considering running the seams in a little to see if I like it more.

You can find the Zoe top pattern here

Well the first month of the year has whooshed by already.  Ms A goes back to school this coming week and all her before and after school activities will also be in full swing.  I hope to be back in a day or two with some cards I made recently.  Until then.

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A little catch up…




Just popping in to share what I have been upto!

A little closer to the end for this bold and Stripy throw for my eldest daughter.  The grey band (at the top) is the last colour and as of last night I think I’m around 20ish rows from the end.  Hoping to finish soon so I can get on with some other knitting projects – perhaps finish my socks! This hasn’t been portable so have had to work on it in front of the tv.  I must admit I am not looking forward to weaving in all those ends! It has been a good stash buster project though.

These next two photos are little dresses I have made up out of hubbies old work pants.  The centre front and back seams are from the outside leg seams.  The Butterick pattern 4108 has a seam centre front and back so using the pant seam made these even quicker to put together once I made the time!

I now have the pant tops, the part from waist to crotch, to deconstruct.  If you have an idea on how to use those I’d like to know.  At this stage I think I will be just saving the haberdashery for other projects.

I think these are heading for a new home with a charity.  I used this pattern alot for my girls in all types of fabrics and there are no zips or buttons to fuss with. It was great to pair with tights/leggins and tshirts and jeans later on when the dress got a little short!

Some got a little brightened up with yoyos and buttons.

My aunt has requested some aprons for her grandchildren.  I hope she likes these when I catch up with her.

Again this is a pattern I have been making up for years.  It is from “My learn to sew book” I have had since I was a child in the 70’s.  My cover is looking a little worse for wear.

Hubby and my eldest daughter were away for 7 days in the recent school holidays so it was the perfect time to tidy up my craft space.  I moved furniture and re-organised my supplies.  So my space is reasonably tidy until the next postage delivery! I do have a rather large pile of NBUS and to finish off/re-do projects.

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A little sewing…



A few creations I haven’t shared.

A short time ago a friend gave me some fabric.  I have started to cut and sew it up.

I found some patterns on line and others were commerical patterns.

A dress for Ms A 12 (and Ms S 17 they are the same size!) from Mc Call’s M7543

For me the Mandy Boat Tee from Tessunti Fabrics here

Will make this again. I don’t normally like 3/4 sleeves but this one is really comfy to wear although I might add a little to the length next time.

The Elise tee for me from Fine Motor Skills here – I also made this in a blue. Fabrics in pics below I was wearing it when I took these pics! Again I might add a little length if I make this again – not that I’m tall I just like this a little longer.


The following are from the small bits that are left.

Hubbies nephew is expecting his first bub in a few weeks so I thought these might be a nice gift to go with the quilt I am yet to start!

Trio of baby hats here


P is for Pirate Pants here

I like how the pants cuffs and waist band fold up and down to get extra wear out of them.

I have also been knitting. I find it is great to do while watching TV (not that I watch much) and do while I am reading my book club books. Mostly been knitting more dog coats for the lost dogs home and wash cloths.

I also took the plunge a few weeks back and opened an Etsy store here.  I have made things which I haven’t gifted or donated so I might as well pop them onto sell.  I’d love some feedback if you have some time.

Before I go in other news I started a new job yesterday.  Totally different to the type of work I have done in the past although it is still office work.  It is close to home in a great location – sounds like I am selling a house!

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A few gifts and Mother’s day…

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and enjoyed Mother’s Day.


I knitted this tea cosy (in Patons Caressa 8 ply for my yarn stash) for a friend’s birthday. I used a pattern from The Art of Knitting. The buttons are from my stash and are tied using Annabelle Stamps Hemp twine natural.  I know my friend’s teapot is a handmade pottery one in blue and green tones – I was guessing, going from memory  estimating the size of her teapot. Fingers crossed it fits hers as well as it fits my Maxwell Williams tea pot. I also added some Australian Black tea I picked up at a local Farmer’s market and a travel mug.


I used MFT Always time for tea die for the card along with Courture Creations Tied Together Embossing Folder, Kaisercraft ribbon, Hemptique twin, PTI Tiny Tags die and stamp set stamped using SU ink.  I used paper included in a magazine to die cut the shapes, as this has no body I adhered it to adhesive paper first.


I have also made another stationery roll. I was lucky enough to find some co-ordinating stationery in Kmart for a few dollars. I used the same pattern I did here https://frommycraftroom.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/happy-birthday-notebook-cover/  and instructions were from Handmade Magazine Vol 31 Number 2 by Jemima Flendt.


My Miss 8 woke me at 8am on Sunday so she could give me the gift she had put together and to watch a Mother’s day kids song on you tube.


She sourced items from her own craft stash (a future RAK giver in the making) and put them in a bag she decorated for me with her hand made card and powerpoint. I think I will leave these items where she can get them because I know she will be looking for them soon.  Miss 17 had been to the local lolly shop and got some chocolates which the 4 of them chipped in for.

After lunch the girls and I did a little shopping and stopped for a hot drink and shared some cakes – something we never do (shopping yes stopping for drinks no). When we got home the boys had cooked a nice roast and Mr 15 made some scones which we had with jam and cream.

Hope your week has got off to a great start. I need to go and write some reports for a work meeting tomorrow.

Cheers for now




Took my friend her pressie. We tried it out straight away with a cuppa. It fitted her everyday pot which means her other tea cosy went for a wash.

Quilt top for Miss S

Warning – another long post today.IMG_3350b

I purchased some of this fabric ages ago to make a card trick quilt for Miss S (13) – then we changed our mind on colour and pattern. For some reason some panels look yellow in this pic – the colours are aquas and greens. Recently I found time to cut this out and piece together. Would you believe it only took a few hours to sew together.  Miss S would like a border of white around this before I attach the backing fabric and the binding. I got the pattern from Better Homes and Gardens March 2012 – turn up the colour. Hope to finish it soon – will share an update when I do. Fabrics used so far are from Spotlight and GJ’s fabrics.

In the mean time this is a pic of my first ever quilt I made for Miss A way back in August 2011 – before I started blogging. You will have to forgive me if I use the incorrect terms.

I have taken the information from my notes – before I started this quilt I had read about people keeping quilting diaries. I thought that would be nice to have. Not sure how many quilts I will end up making in my life at the moment it is around 2.5.


Fabrics from Spotlight and GJ’s fabrics. The pattern is sample squares I put together from books I borrowed from the local library Ultimate Quilting bible – Marie Clayton, 101 Patchwork patterns pdf here http://www.101patchworkpatterns.com/02toc/toc.shtml and The magic of Quilt making A beginners guide – Margaret Rolfe and Jenny Bowler. Patterns include Nine Patch Block, Sawtooth, Pinwheel block, Whirlwind, Old Maid’s puzzle, Double cross and Endless stairs. I made up the blocks and joined together with sashing. I made a border from the left over fabric before adding the last border and attaching the white backing fabric and the pink binding. I quilted in the ditch. As this was my first quilt and Miss A was about 5 or 6 at the time I was really just playing – I knew she wouldn’t be too critical as long as I stayed with pink and purple.

And this is a pic of the second quilt I made for Miss E in March 2012 and a matching cushion. The pattern is disappearing nine patch. As for the fabric it is a mix also from Spotlight and GJ’s Fabrics.


and the back


and the cushion


Thanks for hanging in. Tomorrow I will have a post for the Lollipop Ladies.

Hope you are having a great week. Still munching through chocolate here.



Handbag for Miss E

IMG_3363I made this for my eldest daughter – and I didn’t have to go to get any supplies! This is one of the projects I mentioned a few days ago.

I got the pattern from here http://www.made-by-rae.com/2009/02/free-buttercup-bag-sewing-pattern/ – I made a few slight adjustments, Miss E wanted the strap longer and I sewed the strap in place before sewing the lining to the  outer bag – thought it might be a bit more secure that way. I also added Clover Create a strap to the inside of the strap – something else I found on the recent tidy up. The buttons are from my Nan’s old button tin – I come from a line of button hoarders!

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Happy Birthday – Notebook cover

IMG_3359I made this for a friend for her birthday. The pattern/inspiration is from Handmade Magazine Vol 31 Number 2 by Jemima Flendt. I varied slightly in the number of pen/pencil spots inside. It was really quick to make up and I had everything on hand. I used fabric from my stash – no idea by who or how old! The buttons are from basic grey and the orange twine is from We R Memory Keepers.


My girls liked it so I suggested instead of buying gifts for their friends maybe I could make something like this next time they have a party. So you might see a few more variations here.

After a recent tidy up of my room I have found lots of things I forgot I had – need to be a bit more productive using supplies. I found fabric to make Miss A (8) pants for school – great I can cross those of the school holiday shopping list. Fabric to make Miss E (17) a handbag. YEAH. I started on a quilt for Miss S (13) – cut out the fabric and got main panel of the quilt together – will show in another post. Debating at the moment whether to put a border or not. I also found lots and lots of Unfinished projects in a very full box. It is bit embarassing – skirts/dresses from too many years ago – cut, sewn, almost finished just requiring a hem or a button! Must finish those and give to someone who can use them.

Hope the Easter Bunny found you and you had a lovely and safe Easter.

Thanks for taking a peek.