Has it really been over a week?

Hi there lovely readers

Boy time is getting away from me these days.

Last week was the last week of term 1 which meant a few extra hours at work and as I am to complete a few tasks in the next two weeks a meeting or two.

Any way I did find some time to finish up a couple of projects – sorry lots of pics and once again a variety

A note book, pen and pencil holder

IMG_4736and a peek inside


I used a pattern I found in Handmade Vol 31 No 2 and fabric/ribbon from my stash

Some fingerless gloves


These were made for Ms E – she applogises for the chipped nail polish

The pattern is from Deramores here


I used some yarn from my stash – It was left over from a jumper I made Mr M (16) when he was much much smaller!


A small clutch again for Ms E

I also made a dress all from this pattern

View D (bottom left)

Miss E is at Uni as I write this so there is no one to model


I added the white border – I didn’t have enough of the white self print so used a white cotton.

The backing is a pink with very small white spots. The binding is a hot pink cotton made from 2 1/2″ strips.

now to finish off

Teddy bear

This is for those of you who have lots of unfinished projects.

My friend who has recently set up a charity for Children in Cambodia came across this little guy on a recent tidy up. He was missing his arms, scarf and facial features she asked if I would complete him and as you see I did and we all went to dinner late last week.

 He had been started by her MIL who has been passed for some 17 years to be sent via World Vision to a one of a number of countries – one of them Cambodia. So now he is all complete he will be in the next container to the orphanage in Cambodia. So nice he is finally going to get there.

I do hope to share some paper crafting soon.

Thanks for hanging in there




5 thoughts on “Has it really been over a week?

  1. Wow Vicki – you must be one of the most productive people I know! What a great swag of projects you have completed, well done! I may have one or two unfinished projects lying round, from when I have thought I’d like to try something but found I didn’t really like doing it, but fortunately, I don’t have a lot of things waiting to be finished – it would be difficult to start another card, if I did. Love that you completed that teddy bear – a beautiful story.

    1. Thank you Ann. It is a great story – so glad I can help send him on his journey. Knitting is great to take to kids sport/activities – card making is a little tricky to do next to the pool!

      1. That is so true – hadn’t thought of it like that, with my kids all grown now! Thank you so much for your kind congrats on my random win at SBB for the March challenge – it was a lovely inspiration photo and really got my creative juices going! Hugs, Ann

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