Reducing the stash…


Been a little quiet here on my blog. Here are a few projects/WIP I have shared recently on insta/facebook.

Making use of HST (half square triangles) not used in previous quilt tops. I now have a small completed quilt top ready to go for the next gift.
Four new tops for me. Patterns are, Yellow linen – Tessuti Atina top, Orange Merino – Tessuti Mandy Boat tee, Black singlet – Itch to stich Lago Tank and finally the Lawn top is Burda Blouse 105 from 11/2019. All the fabrics are from The Fabric Store except the black which is from stash and I don’t know where it came from! I have worn the 2 Tessuti tops a few times already and love them. The merino is gorgeous. I have made both those patterns several times before. The Lago tank is a loser fit than I thought it would be so if I make that one again I will go down a size. The burda top I haven’t worn yet – I am planning to wear that one to work. I started my new job last week and so far so good!

WIP progress pic of dolls from RicRacSews. Love this pattern, Jodie makes such great patterns if you are in to sewing toys. I can’t believe a few little stitches bring these girls to life.
Here they are all complete wiht a little sleep sack.
These little pants are made from stash and will be donated to charity. I used a new pattern. These ones are Made by Rae Just hatched leggings.
More baby pants for charity and from another new pattern. These ones using Small friendly baby leggins pattern.
Two more pants and hats which I have made a number of times. The pants are from Sew4bub Pirate pants and the hat is a Zaaberry pattern. I love how they grow with bub by unfolding the waist band and cuffs.
The last pair of baby pants (for now!) these ones are made from the same merino as my top. They are orange I just couldn’t get the colour right in the pic above!
The last sewing creation for today is dolls clothes. Years ago when my children were into dressing bears I drafted my own pattern to make extra outfits from small pieces of fabric (usually dance fabric left overs!), well my eldest now has friends who have babies and toys that need dressing. So hence the request for some dolls clothes. These are for a boy doll. We thought the yellow was like a hi vis top many tradies wear.

Thank you for persisting to the end!

If my sewing creations are not your “thing” I have some cards completed so I plan to be back soon to share.

Until next time




4 thoughts on “Reducing the stash…

  1. Always so productive! I love seeing your sewing projects – and they are all fabulous! I notice your baby ‘leggins’ – I use that word and my grand daughters pick me up on it, saying it should be ‘leggings’ – but coming from England, I’ve always used the word leggins. Your post has given me some credibility – for me anyway! You are wonderful making those baby clothes for charity – I have only done a bit of knitting to donate for babies but your leggins have got me thinking I would have some useful smaller pieces of fabric I could use. There are always more we can do for others so thank you for sharing your very professional makes!

  2. Those RicRac dolls are very cute! Love the colour combo in the quilt – and the colours of your new tops, they look great together ( would make a good quilt colour scheme!)

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